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Housekeeping Tools

Let’s face it - not many of us enjoy daily housekeeping tasks. Unfortunately, chores have to be done, so offers you an assortment of housekeeping tools from Libman to make your job as quick and easy as possible. Libman has been manufacturing high-quality cleaning products for over 110 years and we are proud to offer our customers a variety of Libman cleaning tools at low wholesale prices. Environmentally-conscious consumers will appreciate our selection of microfiber cleaning cloths, allowing for cleaning without the use of chemicals. Libman’s toilet bowl brush and caddy set thoroughly cleans toilet bowls, getting under the rim and in hard to reach spots, and we offer them in bulk quantities so you can keep one in every bathroom in your home or business. Whether you are looking for feather dusters and sponges to lint brushes, squeegees, kitchen brushes and more, our online superstore has them and many are in-stock and ready to ship. For the lowest prices and highest quality Libman products, shop

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Libman 975 Cut-End #24 Cotton Wet Mop Head, 6 Mop Heads (LIB-00975)

Libman 976 Cut-End #32 Cotton Wet Mop Head, 6 Mop Heads (LIB-00976)

Libman All-Purpose Squeegees (LIB-00182)

Libman 1020 Angled Toilet Bowl Brush, 6 Brushes (LIB-01020)

Libman 991 Big Wonder Mop Head Refill, 6 Refills (LIB-00991)

Libman 042 Curved Kitchen Scrub Brush, 6 Brushes (LIB-00042)

Libman 1042 Big Job Dual-Surface Kitchen Brush, 6 Brushes (LIB-01042)

Libman 239 Big Feather Duster, 6/Case (LIB-00239)

Libman 959 Gator Sponge Mop Head Refills, 6 Refills (LIB-00959)

Libman Glass Wipes, 6/pack, 12 packs/case (LIB-00592)

Libman Lint Brushes (LIB-00078)

Libman 022 Round Bowl Scrub Brushes, 6 Brushes (LIB-00022)

Libman 040 Toilet Bowl Brush & Closed Caddy Set, 4 Sets (LIB-00040)

Libman 034 Round Bowl Brush & Open Caddy Set, 4 Sets (LIB-00034)

Libman Shop Wipes, 6/pack, 12 packs/case (LIB-00591)

Libman 065 Heavy Duty Sponge Scrubber, 12 Scrubbers (LIB-00064)

Libman 118 Swivel Duster, 4 Dusters (LIB-00118)

Libman Terry Towel Wipes, 72 Towels (LIB-00590)

Libman 2000 Wonder Mop, 4 Complete Mops (LIB-02000)

Libman 598 Premium Toilet Plunger & Caddy Set, 4 Sets (LIB-00598)

Libman Disposable Toilet Care System, 4/Case (LIB-01148)

Libman Disposable Toilet Care System Refills, 4 Refills (LIB-01149)

Libman Big Gator Mop, 4 Mops (LIB-03958)

Libman Big Gator Mop Refill, 6 Refills (LIB-03959)

Libman Stiff Sweep Lobby Broom, 6 Brooms (LIB-01086)