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CleanItSupply.com is the cleaning supplies superstore with a large selection of dust pans and accessories, including an assortment of Libman lobby dust pans & whisk brooms at the lowest prices around. Let’s face it, if you have back problems the last thing you want to do is bend over and scoop piles of dirt into a dust pan. Here at CleanItSupply.com, we feel your pain and that is why we stock an assortment of lobby dust pans for easy pickups. The handle length is the same as the lobby broom (sold separately) and the pivoting dust pan lies flat on the floor so no bending is required. For larger clean-ups, the Shop Scoop provides the same easy pick-up as the lobby broom with a deeper, larger well. For those customers who are looking for something a little simpler, we also offer a selection of dust pans with or without whisk brooms in various colors and sizes. The Libman precision angle brooms and dust pans are ideal for use in tight corners. We have something for everybody, so shop CleanItSupply.com for all of your dust pans and accessories needs.

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Libman 228 White 10" Dust Pan, 12 Dust Pans (LIB-00228)
Libman 13" Dust Pan - Red (LIB-00911)
Libman 13" Dust Pan- Black (LIB-00928)
Libman Dust Pan with Whisk Broom, Red, 6 Pans and Lids (LIB-00906)
Libman Large Precision Angle Broom W/ 10" Dustpan (LIB-00248)
Libman 919 Lobby Broom & Dust Pan w/Open Lid, 2 Complete Sets (LIB-00919)
Libman Lobby Dust Pan (Closed Lid) (LIB-00916)
Libman Lobby Dust Pan (Open Lid) (LIB-00918)
Libman 929 Outdoor/Shop Scoop, 3 Scoops (LIB-00929)
Libman 206 Precision Angle Broom w/10" Dustpan, 4 Complete Sets (LIB-00206)
Libman Whisk Broom (LIB-00907)