Rat Repellent Trash Bags


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Rat Repellent Trash Bags

Discourage pesty rodent animals from wondering around your property and keep them from tearing into your trash with the only EPA registered trash bag Mint-X trash bags. Choose from 45 gallon to 55 gallon trash bags available in black or clear heavy duty 1.3 mil plastic.

Mint-X rat repellent trash bags has the solution for you to keep rat rodents out of your trash. This rat repellent home remedy is perfect not just for homeowners but is ideal for businesses as well.  Mint-X trash bags perform especially well in food service applications for restaurants, deli's and more. Whether you live in the city or in the country, own a restaurant business or a campground, or just want to keep your trash away from curious hungry animals, Mint-X garbage bags is the answer for you. Mint-X rat repellent trash bags repels rats from breaking and tearing into your trash and garbage. These rodent repellent trash bags keeps your property sanitary and clean all while freshening up your garbage.

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SKILCRAFT Insect Repellent Trash Bags, 40"x45", Black, 65 Bags (NSN5346819)