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Yankee Candle Air Freshener

First impressions can last a lifetime and if the first thing your visitors notice about your home or business is an offensive odor, they may head for the exits and never return. Although foul odors are a big problem, they are easily fixed. CleanItSupply.com carries a large selection of air freshening options, including Yankee Candle air fresheners and assorted refills. Metered air fresheners feature effective technology for neutralizing odors, delivering a burst of fragrance at intervals you choose so you can set it and forget it until a refill is needed. Speaking of refills, Yankee Candle makes a line of scents that can be used in conjunction with metered air fresheners so your guests can enjoy their favorite Yankee Candle fragrances away from home. Available in a variety of scents including sun & sand, butter cream and midnight jasmine, each refill provides 30 days of continuous use when set at 15 minute intervals. Our Yankee Candle air freshener refills are available in bulk quantities so you always have some on hand when a refill is needed. Trust CleanItSupply.com for the highest quality air fresheners at wholesale prices.

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Yankee Candle Collection Refill, Buttercream Scent, 12 Cans (TMS 812200TMCACT)

Yankee Candle Collection Refill, Home Sweet Home Scent (TMS 812300TMCACT)

Yankee Candle Collection Refill, Macintosh Scent, 12/Carton (TMS 812150TMCACT)

Yankee Candle TimeMist Micro 3000 Clean Cotton Refill, 12/BX (TMS 815100TMCACT)

Yankee Candle TimeMist Micro 3000 Macintosh, 12 Refills (TMS 815150TMCACT)

Yankee Candle TimeMist 3000 Buttercream Refill, 12 Refills (TMS 815200TMCACT)

Yankee Candle Micro 3000 Home Sweet Home Refill, 12 Refills (TMS 815300TMCACT)

Yankee Candle Refill, Sun & Sand Scent, 12 - 6.6-oz. Refills (TMS 812400TMCACT)

Yankee Candle Air Freshener Refill, Macintosh, 6.6oz Aerosol (TMS812150TMCACT)

Yankee Candle Air Freshener, Buttercream, 6.6oz cans, 12 cans (TMS812200TMCACT)

Yankee Candle Freshener Refill, Home Sweet Home Scent, 6.6oz (TMS812300TMCACT)

Yankee Candle Air Freshener Refill, Sun & Sand, 6.6oz Aerosol (TMS812400TMCACT)

Yankee Candle Micro 3000 Air Freshener Refills, Clean Cotton (TMS815100TMCACT)

Timemist Yankee Candle Micro 3000 Freshener Refills, Macintosh (TMS815150TMCACT)