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Bolt Air Freshener takes great pride in helping you make your home or business a welcoming place for family and visitors. We carry a large assortment of cleaning supplies and air freshening options that will keep your environment smelling fresh and clean at all times. Bolt Metered Air Fresheners automatically spray the fragrance of your choice every 15 minutes for effective odor control you don’t have to think about for up to 30 days. Eventually, all air fresheners need to be replaced and for that reason we offer Bolt Air Freshener refills in bulk quantities so you will always have some on hand. Our inventory includes an assortment of 30 day metered air freshener refills in a whole host of premium fragrances including Citrus Sunrise, Powder Mist, Apple Harvest and much more so you can find your favorite scents at low wholesale prices. For added convenience, Bolt air freshener refills will fit most standard size metered aerosol dispensers so you can still use your favorite Bolt fragrance with another brand dispenser. Trust for the highest quality air fresheners at the lowest prices around.

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