Topline 3M Autoscrubber Pads


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Topline 3M Autoscrubber Pads

Dull, dingy floors in your office or home can give a bad impression to your visitors and clients. Luckily for you, carries an assortment of high quality floor care products and equipment at wholesale prices to have your floors looking like new in no time. Topline Autoscrubber Pads from 3M are intended for light scrubbing of floors subsequent to burnishing. Low speed floor pads produce minimal finish removal and are ideal for daily floor cleaning tasks, effective in removing soil and light contaminants. Our online superstore stocks autoscrubber pads in sizes ranging from 12” – 20” so you can find the floor pad that suits your needs. Using the wrong pad can result in damage to your floors, costing you time and money. Our customer service associates are available to answer any questions you may have and ensure that you choose the right autoscrubber pad for the job you are doing. is the leading janitorial supplies provider, offering our customers the highest quality floor care products at the lowest prices around.

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3M TopLine Green 12" Autoscrubber Pad 5000, 5 Pads (MMM18044)

3M TopLine Green 13" Autoscrubber Pad 5000, 5 Pads (MMM18045)

3M TopLine Green 14" Autoscrubber Pad 5000, 5 Pads (MMM18046)

3M TopLine Green 20" Autoscrubber Pad 5000, 5 Pads (MMM18052)