Topline 3M High Speed Burnish Pads


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Topline 3M High Speed Burnish Pads

Chances are daily foot traffic has dulled your floors and simply mopping them just doesn’t do the trick anymore. has what you need to bring your floors back to life. We carry a large selection of floor care products and equipment, including an assortment of Topline Floor Burnishing Pads. Topline Speed Burnishing Pads from 3M are intended for use on ultra high speed floor machines for a number of floor finishes. Allowing for quick and efficient burnishing, topline floor pads provide optimal high-speed floor care, restoring gloss in just one pass. 3M floor burnishing pads are washable and reusable, lasting up to 25 times longer than other floor pads, saving you money on pad usage. Using the correct pad is important as the wrong one may cause damage to your floors, costing you time and money. Our customer service associates are available to answer any questions you may have to help you make an informed decision. offers low prices on top of the line products along with superior customer service, so why shop anywhere else?

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27" 3M  Burnishing Pads, High Speed Floor Burnishing Pads, 3200 (MCO 20259)
19" 3M High-Speed TopLine Burnishing Pads 3200 (MCO 18065)
20" 3M TopLine Burnishing & High-Speed Floor Pads, 3200 (MCO 18066)
3m High-Speed Floor Burnishing Pads 3200, 20-Inch, White/Amber (MMM18066)