Ziploc: Evolving Today For Tomorrow’s Generations

Ziploc Bags

With the environment becoming a major concern worldwide, many companies are now looking to see what they can do to ensure a safe tomorrow. Through these company introspections, Ziploc seems to have really taken the ball and run with it, as it has started an array of new campaigns geared towards looking out for future generations. Through it’s new sustainability program, the life expectancy of bags and containers will be greatly enhanced, as they are now designed to be reused and recycled multiple times. A new division of the sustainability program is the newly unveiled Eco-friendly evolve line, which is made of 25% less plastic. The new Ziploc’s evolve bags are truly in a class of their own. Ultra-light, yet secure, they feature the same tight, flexible brand seals as Ziploc’s regular bags, but in a  new resin blend formula. The new evolve sandwich and storage models are produced in 50% low energy consumption wind-powered factories, and are packaged in 100% paperboard cartons, which is comprised of 35% recyclable content.

In addition to it’s new line of reusable and recyclable bags, Ziploc has entered into a new partnership with RecycleBank, a company that rewards people for their positive environmental actions. Through this new partnership, Ziploc and RecycleBank have started working with cities, towns, and waste haulers to reward citizens for recycling. In this new program, the more you recycle, the greater the number of points you can earn, which can then be use toward great prizes, like coupons for Ziploc Brand products, gift cards and more.

According to the average American generates 4.5 pounds of trash per day, and an estimated 250 million tons per year, out of that, approximately 33 percent of that waste is actually recycled or composted, about 13 percent is burned, and the remaining 54 percent gets buried in landfills. So what is Ziploc’s first step in ensuring a more environmentally safe tomorrow? Landfill diversion.

Their main goal is to offset the amount of Ziploc bags produced products every year, that could potentially end up in landfills, by making sure the same amount of other recyclable materials actually gets recycled instead of thrown away. Ziploc’s goal is to divert over 100 million pound of waste from our country’s landfills by 2013.

Between Ziploc’s new partnerships, recyclable product lines, and landfill diversion focus, it truly seems Ziploc is pioneering a fresh, safe and Eco-friendly future.

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