Why Are Bounty Paper Towels So Absorbent?

Bounty Paper Towels

Bounty Paper Towels

At CleanItSupply.com, we have a large inventory of paper towels to choose from. But how to you choose which brand is best for you? And what makes some paper towels more absorbent than others?

Well, to begin, it is thought that the first paper towels were made from rejected rolls of toilet paper that were too thick to use. So, instead of flushing the cartload of paper down the toilet, the paper was perforated, rerolled and then sold to the public as disposable paper towels.  As time went by, this product was improved upon, the disposable towel market expanded and soon there were many paper towel brands and styles to choose from.  There were many varities: 1-ply, 2-ply, embossed, quilted, bleached, colored, white, and decorative. Before we knew it, there was a kitchen hand towel for every occasion and every use.

Bounty Paper Towels has been called “The Quicker Picker Upper” due to its superior absorbency. But why is Bounty paper towel so absorbent? Well, it is all about the quilting or stitching pattern that is used to keep the 2 ply’s held together. Bounty has been the leader in absorbency, and uses a variety of quilted patterns.  The traditional Bounty paper towel uses a 2-ply construction with tight diamond shaped quilting for extra absorbance.  Bounty Basic, the less expensive line of Bounty paper towels are 1-ply and use small hexagon patterns and honeycomb texture to increase absorbency, without increasing cost. Essentially the tight stitching or quilting Bounty towel uses on all of their kitchen paper towels add more surface area to the towel. The result is more paper, and a more absorbent paper towel. That is why Bounty is so absorbent.

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