Vinyl Gloves

Disposable Vinyl Gloves

Vinyl gloves are an important product to have in good supply at all times if your business is involved in food services, the medical field, or general industry. Disposable vinyl gloves are the ideal choice for light cleaning duties, care giving, and activities like painting or parts handling. Use vinyl gloves to protect both the worker on duty, customers and items being worked on. These gloves are resilient and durable. Select brands carried by the best online wholesalers are chemical and puncture resistant. They are used as exam gloves and in manufacturing.

One advantage that vinyl gloves have over natural rubber products like latex gloves is that they do not cause problems with allergies that latex gloves often aggravate. Workers prefer non-latex gloves for that reason and because they are excellent for protection against punctures that may cause an injury. These gloves offer protection to clients and anyone who touches the products after the worker is finished handling the products. For example, disposable vinyl gloves are frequently used by workers during food preparation. They meet FDA regulations for food contact and still offer “bare hand” sensitivity. They are flexible and do not interfere with dexterity.

There is a wide selection of top brand names available online from janitorial and cleaning supplies wholesalers. Order the types of vinyl gloves that match job requirements. Choose from lightly powdered gloves or powder-free ones. Most general purpose vinyl gloves are packed conveniently at 100 per box. Sizes include X-large, large, medium or small. Most companies order several different sizes to be able to accommodate the hand size of all workers. Order online with other cleaning and janitorial supplies 24/7; fast delivery to your location is normal.

Exam gloves and medical vinyl gloves bring to your office personnel both strength and comfort; everyone will appreciate the advantages of vinyl gloves for fighting disease transmission. Nationally known brand name gloves like those from Dura-Touch are proven to be reliable and trusted. Use gloves at home and in the workplace for many job duties. They are affordable even for small businesses and for individual orders. Discounts may also be available, and online janitorial and cleaning products suppliers are ready to serve all size businesses and individuals, 24/7.

Vinyl gloves are also used by workers during manufacturing. They provide protection during painting or handling precision parts, in safety zones and during manufacturing or parts assembly. Gloves are designed to fit either hand; they are available in various thicknesses as jobs require. Purchasing bulk quantities is essential when the jobs require that gloves be changed frequently. Many have rolled sleeves. Since vinyl gloves are made from synthetic PVC resins, they do not pose allergy risks to wearers or customers.


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