Ties And Socks Are So 2018

This Sunday, June 16th, is Father’s Day here in America. Father’s Day is not just for honoring biological Dads, though. Father’s Day is also for grandfathers, stepfathers, and all men who stepped in and stepped up to act as a father figure to those who truly needed them. Dads, and all those who take on the “fatherly” role, are generally looked up to as a hero, someone that a child admires, looks to for answers, how to act, how to react, how to solve problems, how to fix, how to treat others, how to show respect, how to take care and protect, how to live, how to love.

The first known celebration of Father’s Day was by Sonora Smart Dodd, according to Wikipedia. Her father was a civil war veteran and a single parent who was raising his six children on his own. Sonora Smart Dodd wanted to honor her father, William Jackson Smart, with a special day of his own. She is said to be have first celebrated her father on June 19, 1910 at the Spokane YMCA. Thanks to William Jackson Smart’s loving daughter, Sonora Smart Dodd, we now have an exclusive day to acknowledge the very important role played by fathers.

Sure, Dads have likely gotten their share of ties and socks to last them two lifetimes, so how about giving him something truly unique this year to show your appreciation for the wonderful man he is? Rather than the predictable ho-hum ties and boring socks, some will take Dad to a special outing like a baseball game, out to eat, or maybe even buy him a sports jersey of his favorite player. If that is what Dad loves, then go for it. If Dad is more of a movie buff or music fan, perhaps movie or concert tickets are the way to go.

Dads do not seem to get the amount of attention they truly deserve. Just as it is not easy to be a good mom, it is not easy to be a good dad. Sure anyone can father a child which alone hard enough, but it takes a very special person to truly inspire that child and be a great dad who takes the time for his children and shows them what it is to be loved and how to love. Balancing important separate roles as mother and father is key to raising a well-rounded, well-balanced child that is ready for a bright future in adulthood who can go on to eventually raise their own children.

For those Dads who love the outdoors, technology, or if he is a “do-it-himselfer,” then maybe power tools, a work center chest or make up a care package to take on his next camping trip like sunblock, insect repellent, flashlight, batteries, first aid kit, and even a new camera to capture his outdoor adventures may be a fun personalized gift for him. Does Dad work from home using a less than comfortable chair or a makeshift desk in his office space? Perhaps a new workstation, a multifunctioning printer, or even an ergonomic chair is just what he needs, but would not normally treat himself to.

Give Dad something thoughtful, something useful, something that will show him how much he means to you. Give Dad the recognition he deserves. After all, Father’s Day is only once a year. If you are fortunate enough to have your Dad around, be sure to make this year count.

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