Smoothly Gliding on Glass

Glass chair mats seem to be the talk of the town right now as far as chair mats are concerned and for good reason. Glass chair mats not only look clean and aesthetically-pleasing, allowing the beauty of your floors to naturally show through, but considering they are made from glass, they are actually very durable. This is because glass chair mats are not made from everyday ordinary glass, but strong, reinforced, tempered glass. In fact, some glass chair mats can hold up to 1,000 pounds without bending, cracking, denting or scratching. Are glass chair mats the right kind of mat for you and your particular needs? Let’s find out.

Glass chair mats are used to protect your floors, both for hardwood and carpets, from the constant weight of rolling your office chair. Perhaps putting so much weight on a glass surface may seem like a terrible idea, but realize that the tempered glass that glass chair mats are made from are four to five times stronger than regular window glass and twice as thick as car window glass! Of course, this higher durability and beauty does come with a slightly higher price tag. Yet should money be the sole cause for a deal-breaker when glass chair mats have so many more benefits? Well, read on and decide for yourself.

Let’s face it clean, any chair mat is better than no chair mat even if it is vinyl, but elegant, smooth glass is so much nicer looking than the typical cloudy, dull-colored plastic chair mats that wind up eventually ruining your floors anyway. Plastic chair mats are known to crack, dent, scratch, and wind up doing more harm than good to your floors, your body, and your bottom line.

How? Glass chair mats tend to be offered in larger sizes, so you can save a greater area of your floors and carpets from damage by purchasing a larger sized mat. Glass is completely smooth, therefore, friction will not be a problem when rolling your chair around your work area. As for ergonomics, glass chair mats put plastic chair mats to shame. Because of the smooth gliding surface of glass, there will be no back, neck, or joint stress caused by trying to move the chair around on carpets and hard floors.

In addition, a tempered, reinforced glass chair mat is much more durable than a vinyl plastic mat. A quality glass mat will last for years, not mere months. Glass chair mats can actually help save you money in the end since having to replace those cut-rate, cracked plastic chair mats so frequently will be an unmissed, unneeded expense of the past.

Still not sold on glass chair mats? How about the fact that glass chair mats are a more eco-friendly solution as well? Glass chair mats are usually made from silica sand and recycled glass, while plastic chair mats are manufactured using petroleum.

Glass chair mats will not curl, bend, discolor, sink, dent, or buckle. They will not scratch or damage your flooring. They will not move around from under you in fact, some come with clear adhesive rubber pads to ensure the mat stays in place. Glass chair mats offer excellent protection for your home and office workspaces, whether your rolling office chair glides over gorgeous hardwood floors or carpet pile. A mop and glass cleaner are all the tools you ever need to maintain your glass chair mat and keep it looking brand new.

For a stylish, modern, elegant impression, try a durable, ergonomic, “green” glass chair mat and watch your office space transform from acceptable to WOW in a matter of seconds! Your joints and wallet will also thank you.

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