Sanitary Napkin Receptacle

Sanitary Napkin Receptacle

Believe it or not, the women’s restroom is an area where businesses can make a statement to their clients. If a restroom is not clean, customers may begin to view the entire business as being disorganized, unsanitary or lacking attention to detail. Business owners and facilities managers can easily keep restrooms sanitary, avoid exposure to bacteria and disease and provide privacy and convenience to their female clients through the proper sanitary napkin disposal system.

Choosing the right sanitary napkin receptacle is vital to having a clean and safe restroom that is easily maintained. The best receptacles provide women with the hygiene and privacy that they demand and are easy for janitorial staff to clean and maintain. Receptacles are typically made of plastic or metal, and liners of some type are used to make cleanup simple. Wall-mounted or floor receptacles may be used, depending on the design of the restroom, but convenient placement will ensure that these receptacles are properly used. Failure to provide a convenient sanitary napkin disposal method increases the risks of litter and improper flushing of napkins and increases the spread of bacteria.

Cleaning and maintaining receptacles is simple with the right accessories. Wax Bags can be purchased separately as liners. These bags do not tear or leak the way that plastic bags do. Maintenance staff can clean receptacles quickly and easily by removing filled bags on a regular basis and replacing with a fresh wax bag. Business owners or facilities managers may also wish to supply individual courtesy bags that women can use to wrap disposed items, further preventing the spread of bacteria and disease. Other than an occasional spray with an antibacterial or antiviral solution, there is little other maintenance that is required, which keeps clients, employees and janitorial workers happy. Making sanitary napkin disposal simple pays for businesses by reducing cleaning costs, increasing employee and client satisfaction, reducing bacteria and illness and keeping restrooms beautiful.


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