Safeguards in Troubling Times

Face masks. Regardless of your age, you probably have never heard so much about face masks in your entire life up until this year. 2020 has turned the PPE (“Personal Protective Equipment”) market upside down and inside out. The highly-contagious coronavirus has left the world, yes the global world, with needing another accessory on us in public at all times. Ladies and gentlemen, we introduce to you: The Face Mask! Okay, so it may not be so new, but for most regular everyday people it certainly was an unusual addition in the beginning of 2020. Here we are, only a few weeks away from 2021 and we are still in the same bad predicament. What can we do? Wear a face mask, of course! When out of your house, when in public, even if you are six feet away from someone outdoors, wear a face mask. They are affordable and they are effective.

The CDC (“Centers for Disease Control and Prevention”) issued a “Facemask Do’s and Don’ts” guideline to help. They suggest that when putting on a facemask be sure your hands are clean. Make sure the mask covers both your mouth and nose. If one or the other is exposed, you are wearing the mask incorrectly or it is too small for you. Do be sure to secure the elastic bands around your ears. If you have a face mask with ties, do be sure to secure the ties at the middle of the back of your head and at the base of your head.

Do not wear your facemask under your nose or mouth. Do not allow a strap to hang down. Do not criss-cross the straps. Do not touch your face. Do not adjust the facemask without first cleaning your hands both before and after. Do not wear your facemask on top of your head and do not wear it around your neck or around your arm.

Following these simple guidelines will help keep you safe while also keeping those around you safe. Together we will flatten the curve to an acceptable level but only if we each do our part to help. Surely, wearing a face mask is so much less inconvenient than actually contracting COVID-19, right?

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