Recipe for a Happy Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Day is this week. If you are hosting the big meal at your house this year, it can be a little intimidating. With some useful tips from the professionals at Merry Maids, we can help you feel like you are in control and ready for your guests.

You will want to clean your home before the big day. Food shop early and avoid the busy holiday rush on Wednesday to save time and aggravation. Make sure your kitchen’s prep area is clean and clear of clutter so you have more room to spread out. Empty your refrigerator of any old food to make room for the thawing turkey, any desserts or side dishes prepared beforehand, and even turkey dinner leftovers. Be sure that everything you will be using that day is clean such as your special plates, fancy glasses, serving platters, cloth napkins and tablecloths, especially if those items were stored away from the last holiday collecting dust. If you are using an extension leaf in your dining room table, make sure that is completely set up and clean. Wipe down the dining room chairs, too. Since you already cleaned the house ahead of time, there won’t be much to do other than spot cleaning. On Wednesday be sure to freshen up the powder room, wipe down the kitchen countertops, and run the floor sweeper again in any common rooms that guests will see or be in. You will want to save Thursday morning for the cooking and cleaning up as there will be plenty of it.

Fortunately, the post-dinner clean-up won’t be as difficult or time-consuming as the preparation cleaning was. Once everyone gobbled up the turkey, stuffing, and pumpkin pie on Thursday, now it is time to pack up the leftovers. Make sure to have plenty of plastic food storage containers. Load the dishwasher. Hand wash any delicate items or oversized pots and pans. Toss the cloth napkins and table cloth into the washing machine for laundering. Wipe down the stovetop, countertops, backsplash, prep areas, and dining table again of any crumbs and splatter. Run the floor sweeper again in the kitchen, dining area and even the living room if guests congregated there. Clean the powder room again and change out the hand towel. There you have it. Be proud! You just survived one of the most major holidays of the year with flying colors.

Have a very happy and healthy Thanksgiving holiday from all of your friends here at!

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