Glass Cleaner is For…

If you think glass cleaner is just for glass, you will be surprised about just how many uses glass and window cleaners can have. Sure, glass cleaner is great for cleaning windows along with any other type of glass in and around the house, but glass cleaner will also clean a variety of non-glass surfaces in addition to some other unconventional uses, just not on your skin no matter what the movies and pop culture might preach.

Glass cleaner usually contains ammonia and in the kitchen it can not only clean but sanitize sinks, appliances, and countertops. It is safe for plastic, wood, or nylon cutting boards to kill lingering bacteria on contact, then rinse with water. You can even pour just a little capful in the dishwasher to cut through grime and grease while washing a load. If your kitchen fan or range hood can use a little degreasing, glass cleaner will quickly remove most grease and fat with its solution of powerful caustic properties. When using glass cleaner as a degreaser, be sure to thoroughly rinse your food preparation surfaces including your pots and pans. Multi-surface glass cleaner without ammonia can clean your laminate countertops including sealed stone countertops, such as marble, granite, and quartz, but be sure to follow the manufacturer’s care instructions first for safety. In the kitchen, glass cleaner is a versatile solvent, easily shining up appliances such as enamel and stainless steel, as well as cleaning the floors. Loosen dirt, grime and wax build-up with glass cleaner with ammonia. Do not use on wood, but you can safely use on tile, linoleum, sealed granite, and sealed marble floors; again, so long as you follow the manufacturer’s care instructions. Dilute the glass cleaner with some water and apply to the floor with a mop as you normally would with any other floor cleaner. Watch it sparkle and shine!

If you think glass cleaner is supreme in the kitchen, it is just as phenomenal in the bathroom! Use ammonia glass cleaner on bathroom mirrors for a streak-free reflection, on the countertops, in the toilet bowl, on the floors, and in the shower on the tile. It will not harm the grout. Of course, glass cleaner is perfect for use on glass shower doors. If you have soap scum in your bathtub or shower, allow the cleaner to sit for a while to do all the hard work. Wipe or lightly scrub with a sponge or microfiber cloth, then rinse. If you have stubborn toilet stains, allow the solvent to sit for about 5 minutes then scrub with toilet brush. Apply the glass solution to your faucets and fixtures for a gleaming finish and shine.

Throughout your home and beyond, glass cleaner is a resourceful cleanser that is as effective as it is affordable. Be sure to check back with us next week for more uses regarding this powerful and versatile cleaner. In the meantime be sure to shop your online warehouse superstore wholesaler with discounted prices on glass cleaner and so much more!

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