Fresh Start’s Marketing and Packaging Gave a Fresh Start to Powder Laundry Detergent

Fresh Start Laundry Detergent

Fresh Start Laundry Detergent

Back in the 1970’s, laundry detergent was largely used in powder form. But in the early1980s, liquid detergent brands started to increase in sales, largely due to successful advertising campaigns. Therefore, to add some new life and increase advertising flare to the old powder laundry detergent, Colgate-Palmolive decided to change the original box packaging of its powder laundry detergent to put a new spin on the old formulation. They packaged their powder laundry detergent in a clear, flat plastic bottle with a handle on one side. The new packaging looked exactly like a bottle of liquid detergent, but it contained the granulated powder with a measuring cup for the cap. This powdered detergent in the innovative, new-style package was appropriately called “Fresh Start” because it certainly was a fresh start for solid powder laundry detergent. Fresh Start laundry detergent became the first easy-pouring and easy-measuring powder laundry detergent. And the Fresh Start detergent brand gained a large share of the consumer market due to its uniqueness on the supermarket shelf, the very convenient packaging, the “fresh” new look of the bottle, and the brand name that came along with it.

This package was very innovative for powder laundry detergent. Back then when it was invented, solid powder laundry detergent was mostly made available in cardboard boxes that the consumer had to rip open on top to get to the product inside.  The perforated cardboard made pouring the detergent messy and wasteful with large spills. Adding to the mess, in most boxes there is a plastic measuring scoop buried inside that can be used to measure out the correct amount of powder detergent to include per load in the washing machine, but the consumer has to dig the scoop out, which is sometimes hard to do in the large box. This can get powder laundry detergent all over hands and the floor each time you go to do a load of laundry.

The size of the cardboard boxes for powder laundry detergent brands can vary from the small single-use 2-ounce boxes that are sold in vending machines in laundromats to the large wholesale economy-size 12- to 20-pound boxes that are sold in bulk shopping stores. For home use, powder detergent is commonly sold by volume in boxes that hold around 2 pounds to 6 pounds of detergent. With the smaller, 2-ounce boxes being very convenient for one-time use, the larger 20-pound cardboard boxes have more of a chance of making a mess.

Today, while most other powder laundry detergent is still sold in cardboard boxes, Fresh Start laundry detergent powder is still available in the same, innovative plastic bottle packaging that consumers have grown to love. The only thing that has changed is now it has a compact concentrated formula with no fillers that allows for powerful laundry detergent cleaning action that is safe for all fabrics and works in all temperatures. This low-sudsing laundry detergent formula leads to clean rinsing and clean laundry, and the plastic bottle is still easy to pour and measure from, making laundry easy, clean and mess-free. The unique shape of its packaging, the quality of the product, and the brand recognition that came along with a very successful marketing campaign over 30 years ago made Fresh Start a household name and a leading powder laundry detergent! Buy yours right here at, your online warehouse superstore wholesaler!

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