Feeling Lucky?

Do you know what happens when you catch a leprechaun? The Irish folklore legend says if you catch a leprechaun, he (yes, there are no females) will have to tell you where the pot of gold is hidden because he is compelled to tell the truth by law, or fairy law to be exact. Fairy law also states that leprechauns must also be courteous. Be sure to look the leprechaun in the eye, though. They are known to be mischievous tricksters who will likely vanish if you look away from him. That means you will not be granted your 3 wishes and they will not have to tell you where their golden treasure is at the rainbow’s end since there is no need for bargaining with humans for their freedom anymore.

Lucky for you, our treasured customer, CleanItSupply.com is a much better catch than a leprechaun. Not only are we easier to get a hold of (just go online), but we are also accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, and not just obtainable around St. Patrick’s Day. Rather than simply granting 3 wishes like a leprechaun, we are offering you 4 ways to save off your orders with no trappings involved! While a leprechaun may give you one single gold coin if you’re lucky, we are offering you savings ranging from $5 to $10 to $25, even $35 off site wide! No pranks, no tricks, no traps, no effort. Simply shop and save some green just like that. Let’s ask again: feeling lucky now?

LUCKY Site Wide Savings of $5, $10, $25, or $35 OFF Your Order!

$5 OFF Use Code: LUCK5 on Orders of $49+
$10 OFF Use Code: LUCK10 on Orders of $99+
$25 OFF Use Code: LUCK25 on Orders of $199+
$35 OFF Use Code: LUCK35 on Orders of $249+

PLUS Site Wide Savings Up to 53% OFF!

Don’t press your luck. Shop today before the green fades away…

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