Dawn Will Take Care of More Than Dirty Dishes

Dawn dishwashing soap has been dubbed by some in the cleaning industry as liquid magic. If you are wondering how it gets its reputation for being a jack-of-all-trades, read on to see what you can wash or rid yourself of with this simple blue viscous fluid.

Wash Your:

  1. Hair. Dawn will remove excess oils and grime from your greasy, dirty hair, but careful not to use it to shampoo more than once a week since it is too harsh on hair’s natural oils.
  2. Bathtub. When your bathtub has ring stains and grime, let Dawn sit on the muck for about 8 hours before washing it away. It removes stains while leaving your bathtub’s finish unharmed.
  3. Car. Grab a bucket of warm water, a soft sponge and some Dawn for a gleaming shine after rinsing very well.
  4. Sponges. Makeup brushes, cleaning sponges, it doesn’t matter. Dawn will clean your lot of household sponges so that they continue to look and smell fresh.
  5. Pets. If it’s good enough for oil-soaked sea life animals, then it’s good enough for Kitty and Fido. Clean the fur on your pets by mixing water and Dawn together to get them squeaky clean.
  6. Painted Skin. Protect yourself before you start a painting project by rubbing Dawn on any exposed skin and allowing soap to air dry. Paint will wash right off at clean-up time.
  7. Grill. If your barbeque grill gets a lot of cooking attention but not enough cleaning attention, simply pour some Dawn and water on the grill, let it soak overnight, then scrub the grates the next day to get all the greasy gunk off.
  8. Paintbrushes. Only 20 minutes of soaking paintbrushes in warm water and Dawn before rinsing them off gets the bristles like new and prepped for the next DIY project.
  9. Driveway. Motor oil leaks can make your driveway look like a busy mechanic’s garage. Pour a bucket of hot water and some Dawn directly onto the cement surface and then use a scrub broom to remove the grease and oil stains.
  10. Laundry. Whether you are a sloppy eater or not, chances are stains are still part of your laundry problems. Easily remove these greasy stains from clothes by rubbing straight Dawn onto the stain and washing the load as usual.

Get Rid Of:

  1. Fleas in Carpeting. Snug as a bug in a rug? Not when Dawn is in the house! Add a tablespoon of the blue stuff in a spray bottle, mix with water, and spray on the carpet to kill the fleas.
  2. Insects on Plants. Plants look nice, make a house feel like a home, and usually carry unwanted insects. Cue: Dawn. Repel bugs by spraying your vegetation with soapy water and bugs will stop bothering your plants.
  3. Ants. Grab that trusty spray bottle again filled with Dawn and water solution because now the trigger will be pulled to eliminate ants.
  4. Clogged Toilets. Can many things be much worse than a clogged toilet? Simply pour a cup of Dawn in the toilet bowl and let it sit for 10 minutes before pouring a bucket of hot water into the bowl and flushing the solution along with the clog problem down the drain.
  5. Squeaky Door Hinges. When it’s not used as a Halloween party prop, squeaky and creaky door hinges are a nuisance. Use Dawn as hinge lubricant by spreading some soap on the hinges to clean them up and stop them from sounding like a haunted house.
  6. Excess Hair Dye. Uh-oh! Is your hair a little too dark? No worries. Wash your freshly dyed hair with Dawn and it will dry to a lightened color.
  7. Makeup Stains on Clothing. When a spilled bottle of foundation or blush or other makeup accidently gets onto your clothes, rub Dawn on the stain with hot water and watch it disappear.
  8. Foggy eyeglasses. How annoying is it when your eyeglasses get all foggy? Very. Nip it in the bud with Dawn rubbing a small amount of the soap on your lenses and then wiping them clean without rinsing. The thin residue left behind will halt any fogging up to keep glasses crystal clear.
  9. Spreading Poison Ivy. Prevent poison ivy from spreading: Poison ivy rashes spread through oil, so wash the affected area with Dawn to prevent it from spreading to other parts of your body.
  10. Bugs Entering Your Home. Are bugs bugging you by entering your private home? Stop these uninvited guests by generously rub soap along the edge of doors and windows. They will get stuck in the soap and unable get indoors or anywhere else easily.

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