Microfiber Cleaning Guide Part 2: The Microfiber Advantage

Using A Microfiber Product

Welcome to Part 2 of CleanItSupply.com’s Microfiber Cleaning Cheat Sheet Guide. If you have read Part 1 of this guide, you have learned about the history of Microfibers, as well as what makes them such a powerful cleaning tool.

In part two of this guide we will provide a detailed report of the benefits of Microfiber cleaning tools, as well as what makes them so effective.

Why Use a Microfiber Cleaning Tool?
Oftentimes when we receive phone calls about Microfiber Cleaning tools, customers ask us why those in the industry feel they are the best cleaning option. They often question what makes them better than the cotton-based cleaning tools, or similar synthetic-based tools that they’ve been using for years. One of the first things that we say in response is that the answer is some-what in the name.

Most customers already have surmised that Microfibers are mini-strands of thread, and that those strands are combined to make up a large surfaced cleaning tool. While that is true, it is still only half the story.

When you first hear about how thin Microfiber strands truly are it is almost hard to imagine. As each Microfiber thread is only one-sixteenth the size of a single strand of human hair. That means that thousands of these strands are packed together over a cleaning tool. Due to the sheer number of strands per inch, the coverage area for one of these cleaning tools is considerably better when compared to similar products.

Along with better coverage, Microfibers have also been shown to offer higher levels of absorption, increased dirt attraction and retention, and provide an extended life-span when compared to similar tools.

Excellent Absorbing Power
Due to their high density, these fibers can hold seven times their weight in water. From wiping up spills, to washing a car, these tools have the ability to clean in almost any situation. Additionally, these cleaning tools are much lighter than other products, allowing for easier movement and cleaning.

A True Dirt Magnet
Due to their unique chemical process, all Microfiber products are positively charged. This makes them a virtual magnet to both dirt and dust, which are both negatively-charged. These cleaning tools are also great for hospitals, as they easily grab bacteria, pathogens, and viruses. Due to their inorganic make-up, these dirt-magnet cloths are also better adept at getting into hard-to-reach locations like corners. Just like any other cleaning tool, these cloths should be laundered once they are done cleaning. Since any foreign contaminants that were collected will stay on the cloth until that point.

Longer Life-Span
Like stated above, like numerous products microfiber cloths are machine washable. However unlike most other products, these fiber cloths are able to handle up to 500 uses with laundering. This makes it one of the longest lasting cleaning tools available today. To gain the longest life-span possible for your cloth, never wash with bleach, or a fabric softener, as these products will dull, degrade and breaks down the fibers.

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