CLEANIT Day 2020


Amazon may have Prime Day but we have CLEANIT DAY offering PRIME bargains on EVERYTHING! These site-wide savings include discounts on not only janitorial, medical, restaurant and office supplies, but also on office furniture, technology products, industrial and safety products, as well as snacks and breakroom products and supplies. These reductions are ON TOP OF our ALREADY LOW, WHOLESALE PRICING! Crazy, right?

Stock up on everything that you need for the present as well as the future since these rock bottom prices won’t last. Consider buying disinfectant and other cleaning supplies to get you through another cold and flu season with the addition of the coronavirus still in the mix. Perhaps stocking up on face masks and other safety equipment including toilet paper and other paper product necessities that tend to sell out quickly. When you shop with us, you are getting the very best in selection, quality and price. No memberships, no fees, no kidding. Industrial, commercial, and residential buyers are all welcome! Everyone is our customer here!

Feeling a little greedy? Interested in saving even more? You’re entitled to it! You work hard for your money and every little bit it being saved helps. Want to know our little secret to boggle-your-mind insane savings: BUYING IN BULK! The more you buy, the more you save. If you have a little extra room for storing and know that you will be needing items that do not have a shortened expiration date, then it only makes sense to stock up as much as you possibly can while the prices are this low. Strike while the iron is hot! THAT is the secret to increased savings. Shop right here at and enjoy basement bargain prices on our top quality products and supplies during our CLEANIT DAYS! You may even feel a little guilty about how much you get for your dollar with us! Get over it. You’ve been through enough this year. Clean Up today!

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