All Treats. All Week.

The only thing to be afraid of here is your money burning a hole in your pocket from all of the savings you will rack up

Halloween is right around the shadowy bend. Do you know what that means? No, it’s not time for scary price tags on ghastly subpar-quality items disguised as a steal. No tricks here. It’s time to “Treat Yo-Self” in true Parks and Rec style!*

We are spiritedly offering our Halloween Site Wide Sale at up to 67% OFF! Dead serious. This site wide monstrous price buster sale starts right now! Why 67% off? Not so sure, but it definitely is A LOT of savings! A frightening amount, in fact.

All week long we are offering our loyal customers (we’re looking at you, Boo – yes, YOU!) not only 67% OFF site wide, but every day we will also add on an additional daily indulgence of savings. What will it be? You will just have to return every day to see, so be sure to carve out a sliver of time to check out our site – you’ll dread it if you don’t. Horrors!

Don’t be afraid to shop without restraint for all of your home and workplace needs and most certainly all of your devilish wants, too! Make no bones about it, with prices this low, you simply can’t afford not to!

* “Pawnee Rangers.” Parks and Recreation, season 4, episode 4, NBC, 13 Oct. 2011.

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