10 Ways Wax Paper Will Make Your House Cleaner


Wax paper is a kitchen standby for its ingenious ability to keep foods from sticking, but maybe you didn’t know that it can be used for so much more than just your freshly baked batch of cookies. In fact, wax paper is a great tool to use when cleaning many of your common household products. From keeping your cutting boards sanitary to shining up your shower faucet, wax paper can make life much simpler in many aspects. Here are 10 useful tips for you to try at home:

1. Clean a Can Opener. Run some wax paper through the gears of the can opener — it’ll loosen up any debris and help the gears run more smoothly.

2. Keep Wooden Salad Bowls in Great Shape. After washing and drying wooden salad bowls, real them up by rubbing the wood with wax paper.

3. Easily Clean up the Tops of Cabinets and the Fridge. Line these out-of-sight and hard to reach areas with wax paper. Instead of dusting and scrubbing up there, just replace the wax paper once a month.

4. Keep a Wooden Cutting Board Clean. If you are a meat eater, line a wooden cutting board with wax paper before placing raw meat on it. The wax paper will prevent juices from seeping into the board.

5. Protect the Fridge. Line the drawers with wax paper to catch any spills or grime. Replace every month or two and say goodbye to cleaning!

6. Stop Microwave Splatter. Messy microwaves are the worst! Put a sheet of wax paper over your food to stop the splattering.

7. Use in Place of Swiffer Sheets. if you’ve run out of dry sheets for your Swiffer, use wax paper instead. Cheaper and just as effective!

8. Shine up Fixtures. Rub chrome fixtures with wax paper after cleaning. The wax will coat the fixtures and prevent water stains.

9. Stop a Door from Sticking. Rub a sheet of wax paper along the edge of the door. It helps stop it from jamming in the frame.

10. Clean Gardening Tools. Ball up some wax paper and rub it on your gardening tools to loosen grime and prevent rust.

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