How To Clean Your Public Bathroom

We’ve all seen that one public bathroom that still haunts us.  You also know that a visit to the restroom can be the difference between a happy customer and a nightmare yelp review. So, it’s important to take special care to keep restrooms clean, well-stocked, and extra hygienic.

Proper hand washing is critical to prevent the spread of germs; you need to make sure that the washroom is well stocked. Provide your visitors with plenty of soap and paper hand towels. Bathrooms are germ hot spots so it’s important that hands are clean after visiting the facilities.

Since bathrooms are one of the most visited areas in a building, it’s critical to clean them at least once daily. Clean then disinfect all high-traffic areas like toilets, sinks, faucets, floors, handles, and light switches.

You may even want to consider cleaning while others are present, to show customers your commitment to cleanliness. Small improvements can make a big difference in bathroom hygiene and satisfaction. For example, switching to touchless dispensers can help prevent cross-contamination.You can try switching your soap to an antibacterial lotion soap that will leave hands perfectly clean as well as soft and smooth.

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