How To Clean Your Air

If you are fortunate enough to enjoy the cool comfort of air conditioning in your home, count your blessings on days when the temperatures reach towards the 90s and above. Yet, sometimes spending time indoors in the summertime can be similar to hunkering down in your home in the colder months. Your indoor air can seem less than fresh. Sometimes indoor air can get a little musty, a little humid, and maybe can even be described as smelling old or stale. Turning off your air conditioner and opening up all the windows to get your indoor air recirculated is not always the best way to go about it in the oppressive heat of the summer. Read on for some more tips to help keep the air you breathe in your home smelling fresh and clean.

Air conditioning is one of the nicest modern inventions we have today. Regrettably, air conditioning can also halt the amount of fresh air flowing through the home. Experts suggest operating the “auto” cooling function mode when using the air conditioner, rather than the nonstop “on” function mode. The auto mode will help to inhibit mold growth, humidity, and musty smelling air.

Fuzzy, furry, fleecy items in your home can easily collect the floating dust molecules in the air and trap them on the hairy surfaces. Limiting those items are preferable. Otherwise, if those wooly items are machine washable, wash them. If they are not able to be laundered in the washer then either vacuum them or vigorously shake the dust off of them outside. A vacuum with a HEPA filter may tend to have a slightly greater price tag at the onset, but the many benefits certainly outweigh the higher cost if you or anyone in your household suffer from allergies.

House pets are wonderful. They are cute, cuddly, love unconditionally, and give us pet-owners a sense of purpose in life. Unfortunately, many house pets also come with their fair share of dander, even those who barely shed or are considered hypo-allergenic animals, their dander will still invade your home’s air space. Short of kicking them to the curb to save our indoor air, what can be done? Again, a HEPA filtered vacuum might be your answer.

If you or someone in your household smokes, be kind to your home air and do it outdoors whenever possible. The smoke stench will get into and onto everything, including your walls! By the same token, limit the number of candles that you light and regulate how many fires are set aflame in your wood fireplace since the smoke generated from these actions will also negatively affect your indoor air.

They say that cooking with natural gas is also a very big polluter of our indoor air so be sure to always ventilate when using at higher temperatures all year round. Use your exhaust fan when using your stove, oven, or range.

Air purifiers do work at cleaning indoor air by reducing the levels of particulate matter in a room, but be sure to help it yield even better results by doing your part and adhering to the advice above.

Don’t forget houseplants are also excellent at cleaning our air. Try an areca palm or snake plant that are said to be top performers at releasing oxygen into the air and they look really good while working hard, too!

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