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Tan 3M Natural Blend Pads

Do your hard floors see a lot of day to day foot traffic? If so, chances are they are in need of some TLC. CleanItSupply.com carries a large selection of floor care products and equipment, including an assortment of quality floor buffing pads. If you are looking for a floor pad to provide superior scratch and scuff removal, check out our selection of 3M natural blend tan pads for optimal performance. Tan floor buffing pads are especially effective on harder finishes and high traffic areas, removing imperfections while they polish. Our online superstore carries floor pads in sizes ranging from 17” to 24” so you will be sure to find one that suits your needs. Choosing the right floor pad for the job you are doing is important. Using the wrong one can result in costly damage to your floors, wasting time and money. Our customer service associates are standing by to answer any questions you may have and help you make an informed purchase. CleanItSupply.com offers high quality cleaning supplies and low prices along with the best customer service around so why shop anywhere else?

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27" 3M Natural Blend Floor Burnishing Pads, Ultra High-Speed, 3500 (MCO 20317)
17" 3M Natural Blend Tan High-Speed Burnishing Pads, 3500 (MCO 19005)
19" 3M Natural Blend Tan High-Speed Burnishing Pads, 3500 (MCO 19007)
20" 3M Natural Blend Tan Burnishing Pads, Floor Pads, 3500 (MCO 19008)
21" 3M Natural Blend Tan High-Speed Burnishing Pads, 3500 (MCO 19009)
24" 3M Tan Burnishing Pads, Ultra High-Speed Floor Pads, 3500 (MCO 19012)
3m High-Speed Natural Blend Floor Burnishing Pads 3500, 27", Tan (MMM20317)