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Green Floor Pads

Are your floors in need of a little TLC? Foot traffic in and out of homes and office buildings can really mess up your floors with scuff marks and dirt. carries an assortment of floor pads and green floor pads that are ideal for heavy-duty scrubbing or light stripping to bring your floors back to life in no time. A well constructed floor pad will provide consistent performance and a long lasting shine. Our online superstore stocks only the highest quality low speed green scrubbing floor pads to be used in conjunction with floor machines. Green floor pads are washable, so you can wash and reuse them multiple times, saving money on pad usage. It is important to know what each color floor pad is used for and the speed at which it should be used. Choosing the correct pad will help save you time and money and prevent damage to your floors. Our customer service associates are available to help you choose the floor pad that will suit your needs as well as your budget. offers top notch customer service as well as the highest quality cleaning products at wholesale prices, so why shop anywhere else?

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13" Green Scrubbing Pads, Green Floor Pads (PAD 4013 GRE)
16" Green Scrubbing Pads, Green Floor Pads (PAD 4016 GRE)
Premiere 17" Green Scrubbing Pads, 5 Floor Pads (PAD 4017 GRE)
18" Green Scrubbing Pads, Green Floor Pads (PAD 4018 GRE)
20" Green Scrubbing Pads, 5 Pads (PAD 4020 GRE)
19" Green Scrubbing Pads, Green Floor Pads (PAD 4019 GRE)
12" Green Scrubbing Floor Pads (SHR-PAD4012GRE)
14" Green Scrubbing Floor Pads (SHR-PAD4014GRE)
16" Green Scrubbing Floor Pads (SHR-PAD4016GRE)
Oreck Commercial 12 Inch Green Floor Pad, Each (ORK-437056)