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Service Cleaning Carts & Accessories

No one knows commercial janitorial supplies and cleaning supplies like Whether you are in the market for service carts, janitorial carts, platform trucks, maid caddies, housekeeping carts, utility carts, or accessories for any of the aforementioned items, we have you covered at wholesale prices! Service cleaning carts along with janitorial and housekeeping carts will help your staff improve efficiency by having everything they need such as mops, brooms, and cleaning supplies at their fingertips without having to go off and search. With increased storage capacity and some with ergonomic handles for comfort, these carts are an excellent choice for cleaning professionals, janitorial services and custodians for use in office buildings, schools, day care centers and more. If you are in need a cart with additional protection against tampering, check out our high security carts that feature doors with lock and key, ideal for nursing homes, hospitals, doctor’s offices, anywhere that medications or medical supplies can easily get into the wrong hands. With trusted brand names such as Rubbermaid and Continental, you can be sure you are getting high quality service cleaning and janitorial carts at low, wholesale pricing by an equally trusted online source. – the wholesale cleaning supply company that buyers trust.

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Rubbermaid Flat 2-Shelf Utility Cart, Medium, Black (RCP 4525 BLA)
Rubbermaid Cart 4091 Open Sided 3-Shelf Utility Cart, Black (RCP 4091 BLA)
Rubbermaid 4091 Open Sided 3-Shelf Utility Cart, Off-White (RCP 4091 CRE)
Rubbermaid 9W87 Brute Trash Can Rim Caddy, Yellow (RCP 9W87 YEL)
Rubbermaid 3154-88 Deluxe Carry Caddy, Black (RCP 3154-88 BLA)
Rubbermaid 9T64 Deluxe High Security Housekeeping Cart, Black (RCP 9T64 BLA)
Rubbermaid 9T68 Executive Service Cart, Black (RCP 9T68 BLA)
Rubbermaid 4505 Flat 2-Shelf Utility Cart, Small, Black (RCP 4505 BLA)
Rubbermaid 6191 Full Size Housekeeping Cart with Doors, Black (RCP 6191 BLA)
Rubbermaid 6189 Full Size Housekeeping Cart, Black (RCP 6189 BLA)
Rubbermaid 9T75 High Security Cleaning Cart w/Vinyl Bag, Black (RCP 9T75)
Rubbermaid 4406 HD Platform Truck (Sm 24 inch x 36 inch), Black (RCP 4406 BLA)
Rubbermaid 4436 HD Platform Truck, 1200-lb Platform, Black (RCP 4436 BLA)
Rubbermaid 4466 HD Platform Truck (Lg 30 inch x 60 inch), Black (RCP 4466 BLA)
Rubbermaid 4471 HD Platform Truck (Lg 30 inch x 60 inch), Black (RCP 4471 BLA)
Rubbermaid 4500-88 Heavy Duty 2-Shelf Utility Cart, Beige (RCP 4500-88 BEI)
Rubbermaid 4520 Heavy-Duty 2-Shelf Utility Cart, Med, Beige (RCP 4520-88 BEI)
Rubbermaid 9T62 High Capacity Housekeeping Cart, Black (RCP 9T62 BLA)
Rubbermaid 4094 Instrument Cart w/ Lockable Doors and Drawers (RCP 4094 GRA)
Rubbermaid 6173-88 Janitor Cleaning Cart w/Vinyl Bag, Black (RCP 6173-88 BLA)
Rubbermaid 9T80 Replacement Janitor Cart Vinyl Bag, Yellow (RCP 9T80 YEL)
Rubbermaid 2649 Maid Caddy for Brute Containers, Gray (RCP 2649 GRA)
Rubbermaid 9T77 Turndown Housekeeping Cart w/Vinyl Bag, Black (RCP 9T73)
Rubbermaid 6174 Mobile Fabric Bag, Black (RCP 6174 BLA)
Rubbermaid 9T81 Fabric Bag for High-Security Housekeeping Carts (RCP 9T81 BLA)
Rubbermaid 6300 Step-On Premium Plastic Hamper, Black (RCP 6300 BLA)
Rubbermaid 6350 Premium Step-On Linen Hamper Bag, Black (RCP 6350 BLA)
Rubbermaid 4095 Equipment Cart, Lockable Enclosed Shelf, Black (RCP 4095 BLA)
Rubbermaid 3355-88 Utility Cart with Enclosed End Panels, (RCP 3355-88 PLA)
Rubbermaid 6171 Under-Deck Glass Rack Holder, Black (RCP 6171 BLA)
Rubbermaid 3353-88 Utility Cart Bin, 8 Gal Refuse Bin, Black (RCP 3353-88 BLA)
Rubbermaid 3354-88 Utility Cart Bin, 4 Gal Refuse Bin, Black (RCP 3354-88 BLA)
Continental Caddy Bag - Yellow (SHR-CON3175)
Impact Super Toilet Bowl Caddie (SHR-IMP100)
Rubbermaid 6193 Vinyl Replacement Bag with Zippered Side Opening (RCP 6193 BRO)
Rubbermaid 9VDVRC44 Deluxe Rim Caddy, Yellow (RCP 9VDVRC4400)
Rubbermaid Commercial Deluxe Rim Caddy, 28 1/2 x 39 1/8, Yellow (RCP9VDVRC4400)
Rubbermaid 2649 Maid Caddy for Brute Containers, Gray (RCP2649GRA)
Rubbermaid 9W87 Brute Rim Caddy for 2643 Containers, Yellow (RCP9W87YEL)
Genuine Joe Compact Janitor Cart, Light Gray (GJO58556)
Rubbermaid Executive Caster & 8" Wheel Kit, Housekeeping Carts (RCP 1878364)
Rubbermaid Executive Caster & 8" Wheel Kit, High Capacity Carts (RCP 1878367)
Rubbermaid 9T73 Hygen Microfiber Cleaning Cart w/Vinyl Bag, Black (RCP9T73)