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Purell Touch Free Dispensing

Germs are everywhere and throughout your day you come into contact with a myriad of opportunities to catch a cold or some other type of illness. Touch free dispensers help to minimize your contact with germs giving you a better shot of staying healthy, and Gojo’s technology makes touch free dispensing easier than ever. CleanItSupply.com is proud to offer our customers an assortment of Purell hand sanitizers and dispensers at low wholesale prices. Purell is a name that is synonymous with health and hygiene and their touch free dispensing systems mean you no longer have to touch a dirty dispenser to sanitize or wash your hands. With a variety of colors and styles available, you can choose the touch free dispenser that works with your restroom décor. No matter which dispenser you choose, they all feature a large sight window and clear refill bottles so you can easily see when a refill is needed. Each touch free dispensing unit can be wall mounted or used with a separately sold dispenser stand. Speaking of refills, we have them as well, and you can get them in bulk quantities so there is always some on hand. For the lowest prices on janitorial and cleaning supplies, CleanItSupply.com is the place to shop.

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Purell TFX Dispensing System
Purell LTX-7 Dispensing System
Purell LTX-12 Dispensing System


Purell TFX Foaming Hand Sanitizer Refill, 2 - 1200 mL Refills (GOJ539202CT)
Purell TFX Instant Hand Sanitizer Refill, 4 - 1200 mL Refills (GOJ545604CT)
Purell TFX Touch-Free 1200ml Hand Sanitizer Dispenser, Nickel (GOJ 2780-12)
Purell Hand Sanitizer Dispenser Floor Stand, Gray (GOJ 2424-DS)
Purell TFX Green Certified Hand Sanitizer, 2 - 1200 mL Refills  (GOJ539102CT)
Purell TXF Instant Hand Sanitizer Skin-Nourishing Foam, 2 Refills (GOJ 5398-02)
Purell LTX-7 Gel Hand Sanitizer, 3 Refills (GOJ 1303-03)
Purell LTX-7 Foaming Hand Sanitizer, 3 Refills (GOJ 1304-03)
Purell LTX-7 Foaming Hand Sanitizer, 3 Refills (GOJ 1305-03)
Purell LTX-7 Touchless 700 mL Hand Sanitizer Dispenser, White (GOJ 1320-04)
Purell LTX-7 Touchless 700 mL Hand Sanitizer Dispenser, 4/Case (GOJ 1328-04)
Purell LTX-12 Foaming Hand Sanitizer Green Certified, 2 Refills (GOJ 1904-02)
Purell LTX-12 Foaming Hand Sanitizer, 2 Refills (GOJ 1905-02)
Purell LTX-12 Touch Free 1200ml Hand Sanitizer Dispenser, White (GOJ 1920-04)
Purell LTX-12 Touch Free Hand Sanitizer Dispenser, Black/Chrome (GOJ 1928-04)
Purell TFX Hand Sanitizer Gel Refill w/Aloe, 4 - 1200 mL Refills (GOJ545704CT)