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Rubbermaid Backpack Vacs is dedicated to offering our customers products that make their cleaning tasks a little easier. All of our Rubbermaid vacuums are designed with the busy consumer in mind, including our stock of backpack shoulder vacuums. While backpack vacuums are ideal for commercial cleaning, homeowners will also find them convenient and easy to use. Lightweight and portable, they allow the user to quickly clean large areas. Rubbermaid backpack vacs are made to provide quiet operation, so you can vacuum in the middle of a work day or while the baby is sleeping without disturbing anyone. With an assortment of attachments, you can vacuum ceilings, ceiling fans and window treatments or get back into tight corners where an ordinary upright vacuum would not be able to reach. The ergonomically designed harness means no strain on your back and extra long power cords allow you to move around a large room unrestricted. Rubbermaid has been a known and trusted brand for over 40 years and we are proud to offer a large selection of Rubbermaid professional cleaning products, including an assortment of vacuums. For the lowest prices and highest quality cleaning supplies, shop

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