Rubbermaid Ash Trash Receptacles


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Rubbermaid Ash Trash Receptacles

Cigarette butts strewn all over the ground can really destroy the aesthetics around the outside of your business. carries a wide selection of ash receptacles and trash cans to keep your environment looking clean and beautiful. Available in a variety of models and styles, Rubbermaid Ash Receptacles come in eye catching designs that will encourage use and discourage litter. For locations in need of receptacles for both trash and smoking debris, be sure to check out our stock of Ash Trash Cans. Looking to add a little style to the outside of your business? You will definitely want to browse the Groundskeeper, Aladdin and Infinity lines of cigarette receptacles, offering the perfect combination of function and style that you will be proud to display around your office building. We also offer an assortment of ash cans specially designed for high volume locations. No matter what design you choose, rest assured when you choose a Rubbermaid ash receptacle, you are getting a high quality, durable product that will last for many years. For a business location you can take pride in, come to for all of your waste management solutions, including ash trash receptacles. Check out our cleaning supplies today!

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Rubbermaid 25 Gallon Classic Ash/Trash Can w/o Doors, Beige (RCP 8182-88 BEI)
Rubbermaid Smoking Urn, Black and Chrome (RCP 2585 BLA)
Rubbermaid Smoking Ash Can, Black and Chrome (RCP 2586 BLA)
Rubbermaid Aladdin Smokers' Station (RCP R1639EHGR)
Rubbermaid 24-Gallon Waste Container w/ Extra-Large Sand Urn (RCP R18SU-201PL)
Rubbermaid Smokers' Pole Cigarette Receptacle (RCP R1BK)
Rubbermaid  Aladdin Smokers' Station, Round, Steel, 4.5 gal, Char (RCPR1639EHGR)
Rubbermaid Smokers' Pole, Round, Steel, Black (RCPR1BK)
Rubbermaid  Aladdin Smokers Station, Steel, 4.5 gal, Bronze (RCPR1639EHBZ)
Rubbermaid Ash/Trash Classic 25 Gallon Container w/o Doors, Beige (RCP818288BEI)
Rubbermaid Commercial Smoker's Pole, Round, Steel, Silver (RCPR1SM)
Rubbermaid Commercial Sand for Urns, White, 5 5-lb. Bags/Carton (RCPS25)