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Rubbermaid Trash Bags & Wax Liners at Wholesale and in Bulk

Every public restroom needs a reliable way to dispose of sanitary napkins. has a wide selection of trash bags as well as Rubbermaid wall-mount receptacles for the disposal of feminine hygiene products. Our inventory of sanitary napkin trash cans provides a smart, economical and reliable disposal option to ensure your restroom is clean and healthy for guests and employees. Before checking out, be sure to pick up some waxed paper liners to use with your wall-mount receptacles. They are the perfect fit for most standard sized receptacles and allow for easy and sanitary disposal of feminine products. Looking for something a little bigger? Check out our 56 gallon low density trash bags from Rubbermaid. Ideal for disposal of sharp objects, the extra heavy duty garbage bags will hold up under even the toughest transport conditions. Save money and eliminate the need for double bagging with these durable, tear-resistant trash bags at wholesale prices. Reliable waste disposal is a necessity in any public restroom. offers you high quality, low priced options. Check out our online cleaning supplies superstore today!

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Rubbermaid 56 Gal Grey Garbage Bags, 43x47, 2.0mil, 100 Bags (RCP 5013-88 GRA)