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Let’s be honest, bathrooms can smell less than pleasant from day to day and that’s putting it mildly. It's not a problem you can ignore because the last thing you want your guests or clients to encounter is a disagreeable odor coming from your restrooms. While odors are a very big problem, the good news is they can easily be fixed with the use of a bathroom air freshener. Discover the best selection and lowest prices on air fresheners from, your online source for cleaning and janitorial supplies. We take great pride in offering high quality, trusted brand name products at affordable wholesale pricing. We offer the most comprehensive assortment of high-quality bathroom air fresheners. Specifically designed to refresh your restroom, each of our quality bathroom odor control products offers specific features sure to fit your needs as well as your budget. Whether you are searching for something to freshen your bathroom or you are in the market for a product that focuses on sanitizing the air in addition to deodorizing it, we have them in stock and ready to ship directly to your doorstep. Browse our online store for air freshening products ranging from urinal screens and toilet bowl/rim hangers to metered air fresheners, aerosols and sprays, liquid concentrate air fresheners and more.

Aerosols and sprays are great for residential areas that don’t see much traffic. However, for high traffic areas and public restrooms, metered air fresheners are a cost effective way to add fresh air to any room at timed intervals throughout the day. Looking for something that will take the work of freshening and cleaning toilets out of your hands? The Virtual Janitor can be used in urinals and toilets to clean and deodorize every 15 minutes keeping fixtures and pipes clean while eliminating odors at their source. We also stock refills for all of our air freshening units in a variety of subtle, pleasant scents in bulk quantities so you will always have some on hand. These are just a few examples of the air freshening products we offer, so be sure to check out our entire selection to find the right air freshener for your location.

Our customer service representatives are standing by to help you with your purchase. When you call our toll free number or click to chat live via our website, you will immediately be connected to one of our employees without wasting your time punching numbers to get through an automated system. Each employee is trained to be well versed in every janitorial and cleaning supply we offer to ensure that you make a well-informed purchase. Don’t take our word for it that we are the premier janitorial supply store. Call us or click to check us out!

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Country Morning Refresh Concentrated Odor Counteractant, 1 Gallon (CMR-01MN)
Country Morning Refresh Concentrated Odor Counteractant, 4 Gallons (CMR-14MN)
Country Morning Refresh Concentrated Odor Counteractant, 1 Quart (CMR-1QMN)
Country Morning Refresh Concentrated Odor Counteractant, 12 Quart Bottles (CMR-12MN)
Country Morning Refresh Concentrated Odor Counteractant, 2 Quarts (CMR-2QMN)
Country Morning Refresh Concentrated Odor Counteractant, 2.5 Gallon Bottles, 2 per case (CMR-25MN)
Country Morning Refresh Concentrated Odor Counteractant, 5 Gallon Pail (CMR-05MN)
Bolt Metered Air Freshener Refills, Floral Bouquet, 12 Cans (BLT 832)
Bolt Metered Air Freshener Refills, Exotic Garden, 12 Cans (BLT 840)
Bolt Metered Air Freshener Refills, Powder Mist, 12 Cans (BLT 861)
Bolt Metered Air Freshener Refills, Cherry Thunder, 12 Cans (BLT 864)
Bolt Metered Air Freshener Refills, Vanilla Twist, 12 Cans (BLT 865)
Bolt Metered Air Freshener Starter Kit, White, 1 Kit (BLT 8100)
Hospeco Chloroscent Urinal Screen, Light Bleach, 12 Screens (HOS 01664)
Conqueror 103 Odor Counteractant, Cherry, 12 - 32-oz. Bottles (FRS 12-32WB-CH)
Conqueror 103 Odor Counteractant Concentrate, Lemon, 12 Quarts (FRS 12-32WB-LE)
Odor Counteractant Concentrate, Tutti-Frutti, 12 Quarts (FRS 12-32WB-TU)
Conqueror 103 Odor Counteractant Concentrate, Cherry, 4 Gallons (FRS 1-WB-CH)
Odor Counteractant Concentrate, Lemon 4 - 1 Gallon Bottles (FRS 1-WB-LE)
Conqueror Concentrate, Tutti-Frutti Scent, 4 - 1 Gal Bottles (FRS 1-WB-TU)
TimeMist Air Freshener Dispenser, White, Unit Each (TMS 32-1740TM)
Arm & Hammer Deodorizing Air Freshener, 12 Cans (SHR-CHU8417000)
Disposable Washroom Floor Mats for Toilet, 6 Mats (IMP1550CT)
Rubbermaid 5137 Economy SeBreeze Aerosol Odor Neutralizing Unit (RCP 5137)
Enzym D Digester Deodorant, 32-oz. Bottle, 12 Bottles per Case (BGD 500)
Enzym D Digester Deodorant, 4 Gallons (BGD 1500)
Febreeze Air Effects Meadows and Rain Scent, 9 Cans (PGC 45535)
Febreze Air Effects Freshener, Spring Renewal Scent, 9 Cans (PGC 45536CT)
TimeMist Fan Dispenser, Dutch Apple & Spice, 12 Refills (TMS 30-4601TM)
Fragrance Refills for Fan Dispenser, Assortment, 12 per case (TMS 30-4608TM)
Gel Air Freshener Dispenser Cabinet, White (FRS 300)
Gel Air Freshener Dispenser Cabinet W/ Fan, White Each (FRS 313)
Dymon Liquid Alive Odor Digester, 4 Gallons (DYM 33601)
TimeMist Matrix Gel Refill, Very Citrus Slice Scent, 12 Gel Refills (TMS 5708)
TimeMist Matrix Gel Refill, Very Cherry Fragrance, 12 Gel Refill (TMS 5717)
Misty AltraSan Air Sanitizer & Deodorizer, Fresh Linen, 12 Cans (AMR A205-20CT)
Misty Dry Deodorizer, Apple Fragrance, 12-10 oz. Cans per Case (AMR A238-20-SA)
Misty Dry Deodorizer, Spring Rain Scent, 12 Cans (AMR A239-20-SR)
Misty Dry Deodorizer, Summer Breeze Fragrance, 12 - 10-oz. Cans (AMR A239-20-SB)
TimeMist Model 1000 Metered Aerosol Dispenser, Sandy Beige (TMS 1131)
Lysol Neutra Air, Citrus Fragrance, 12 Cans (REC 76940)
LYSOL NEUTRA AIR, Morning Linen Fragrance, 12 Cans (REC 79196)
Lysol Neutra Air Freshmatic Refill, Fresh Scent, 6 Cans (REC 79831)
Eco-Fresh Green Apple Scent, Block & Screen, 12 Screens (FRS 12-SANI)
Non-Para Extra-Duty Urinal Screens, Evergreen Scent, 12 Screens (BGD 660)
Non-Para Toilet Bowl Rim Hanger/Block, Evergreen Scent, 12 Hangers (BGD 661)
Air Wick Professional Liquid Deodorizer, 4 - 1 Gallon Bottles (REC 06732)
Rubbermaid 9C90 SeBreeze Odor Control, Portable Fan System (RCP 9C90 WHI)
Terminator Deodorizer Cleaner, 12 - 32 oz. Bottles (FRS 12-32-TN)
TimeMist Metered Dispenser Kit, Beige (TMS 1970TM)
Krystal Cherry Scented Urinal Screens, 12 Screens (KRY 1001)
Krystal Blue Bubblegum Fragrance Urinal Screens, 12 Screens (KRY 1002)
Virtual Janitor Automatic Toilet Cleaning Dispenser, White (TMS 35-3542TM)
Virtual Janitor Cleaning & Deodorizing Refill, Apple Mint, 12/CT (TMS 35-5410TM)
Fresh Products Conqueror 103 (SHR-FRS1-WB-LE)
Fresh Products Conqueror 103 (SHR-FRS1-WB-SP)
Disposable Commode Floor Mats, Black, Fresh Blast Scent, 6 Mats (IMP 1550-5)
Misty Dry Deodorizer, Mango Scent, 12 Cans (AMR A242-20-MA)
TimeWick, 60-Day Air Freshener,  Luscious Apple, 6 Refills (TMS 67-6101TM)
TimeWick 60-Day Air Freshener, Citrus Twist, 6 Refills (TMS 67-6108TM)
TimeWick 60-Day Air Freshener, Floral Fantasy, 6 Refills (TMS 67-6109TM)
TimeWick 60-Day Air Freshener, Sundried Linen, 6 Refills (TMS 67-6111TM)
TimeWick 60-Day Air Freshener, Mango Smoothie, 6 Refills (TMS 67-6160TM)
Z Screen Urinal Screen, Green Orchard Scent, 12 Screens (IMP 1490)
Non-Para Enzymatic Urinal Screen & Blocks, Cherry, 72 Screens (FRS ESAB-CH)
Gem Urinal Screens, Herbal Mint, 12 Screens (KRY EGEM72 HMI)
Gem Urinal Screens, Mango, 12 Screens (KRY EGEM72 MAN)
Gem Urinal Screens, Spiced Apple, 12 Screens (KRY EGEM72 SAP)
Eco-Fresh Hang Tag Air Freshener in Mango, 12 Air Fresheners (KRY EHTS72 MAN)
Auto Bowl Clip Flushing Air Freshener, Mango Scent, 12 Clips  (FRS EBC72 MAN)
Auto Bowl Clip Flushing Air Freshener, Spiced Apple, 12 Clips (FRS EBC72 SAP)
Clear Urinal Screens, Mint Scent, 12 Screens (SHR-ADVCL-MINT)
Big D Industries Enzym D Digester Liquid Deodorant, Lemon, 1 gal, 4/CT (BGD1500)
Fresh Products Eco Fresh Bowl Clip, Spiced Apple, Red, 12 per BX (FRSEBC72FSAP)
Conqueror Odor Concentrate, Lemon, 12-32 oz. Bottles (FRS1232WBLECT)
Conqueror 103 Odor Concentrate, Cherry, 1 gallon Bottle, 4/Carton (FRS1WBCHCT)
Fresh Products Eco Fresh Bowl Clip, Mango Scent, Orange, 12/BX (FRSEBC72FMAN)
Impact Z-Screen Deodorizing Urinal Screen, Orchard Zing, Green, 12/Box (IMP1490)
Krystal Urinal Screen, Bubble Gum Fragrance, Blue, Dozen (BWK1002)
Krystal Urinal Screen, Cherry Fragrance, Red, Dozen (BWK1001)
Neutra Air Lysol Sanitizing Spray, Citrus, Aerosol, 10 oz., 12/Ct (RAC76940CT)
Air Liquid Deodorizer, Breeze Scent, Concentrate, 4- 1 Gallon Bottles (RAC06732)
Febreze Air Effects, Meadow and Rain, 9.7-oz. Aerosol Cans, 9/Carton (PGC45535)
Rubbermaid Economy SeBreeze Metered Odor Control System, Off White (RCP5137)
Timemist Metered Dispenser Kit w/2 Refills Cans, 6.6 oz. Aerosol (TMS321970TM)
Timemist Fragrance Cup Refill, Apple & Spice, 1oz, 12/Carton (TMS304601TMCT)
Terminator Deodorizer All-Purpose Cleaner, 12 - 32 oz. Bottles (FRS1232TNCT)
Misty Handheld Air Sanitizer, Summer Breeze, 10oz, Aerosol (AMRA23920SB)
Fresh Eco Fresh Non-Para Enzymatic Block and Screen, Green Apple, 12 (FRS12SANI)
Fresh Products Odor Counteractant Concentrate, Lemon, 1 gallon (FRS1WBLE)
Krystal Gem Urinal Screen, Lasts 30 Days, Orange, Mango Fragrance (KRSEGEM72MAN)
Neutra Air Sanitizing Spray, Morning Linen, 10oz, Aerosol (RAC79196)
Rubbermaid Commercial Portable SeBreeze Odor Control Fan System (RCP9C9000)
Timemist Model 1000 Aerosol Dispenser 4-2/5 x 3-1/2 x 8, Sandy Beige (TMS1131)
Timemist Gel Cup Refills, 2.75" Diameter, Citrus Slice (TMS5708)
Timemist Gel Cups Refills, 2.75" Diameter, Very Cherry (TMS5717)
Big D Non-Para Urinal Screen, Lasts 30 Days, White, Evergreen Fragrance (BGD660)
Big D Non-Para Toilet Bowl Block, Lasts 30 Days, Evergreen Fragrance (BGD661)
Itw Dymon Liquid Alive Odor Digester, Neutral, 1gal (ITW33601)
Genuine Joe Toss Blocks w/Blue Dye, Non-Para, 12/BX, Cherry Scent (GJO58333)
Genuine Joe Rim Hanger, 30 Days, 12 per Box, Green Apple Scent, Blue (GJO58334)
Bolt Air Freshener Starter Kit, Cinnamon Sunset, 4w x 3d x 9 1/2h, Wht (BOL8100)
Bolt Metered Air Freshener Refill, Powder Mist, 5.3oz, Aerosol, 12/Cn (BOL861)
Bolt Metered Air Freshener Refill, Vanilla, 5.3oz, Aerosol, 12/Carton (BOL865)
Fresh Products Gel Air Freshener Dispenser Cabinets, 4w x 3 3/8d x 8 2/5h, White (FRS300)
Continental Manufacturing Kleen Mist Cinnamon Aerosol Can, 12 Cans (FOR-0375)
Misty Handheld Sanitizer/Deodorizer, Spring Rain, 12 -10 oz. cans (AMRA23920SR)
Hospital Co. Urinal Screen Oxygenated w/ Bleach Block, Lavender Scent (HOS01664)
Impact Disposable Toilet Floor Mat, Nonslip, Fresh Blast Scent, Black (FRS6CMGAP)
Krystal Gem Urinal Screen, Lasts 30 Days, Herbal Mint Fragrance (KRSEGEM72HMI)
Krystal Odor Eliminating Hang Tags, Mango, Orange, 12/Carton (BWKEHTS72 MAN)
Febreze Air Effects, Spring and Renewal, 9.7-oz. Cans, 9/Carton (PGC45536CT)
Lysol Freshmatic Automatic Spray Dispenser, Fresh Scent, 6-6.17oz (RAC79831CT)
Timemist Fan Fragrance Cup Refills, Assorted, 1oz, 12/Carton (TMS304608TM)
Timemist Fan Fragrance Dispenser, 4 1/2 x 3 x 3 3/4, White (TMS321740TM)
Misty Handheld Air Sanitizer/Deodorizer, Snappy Apple, 10oz, Aerosol, 12/Carton (AMRA23820SA)
Misty Handheld Air Sanitizer/Deodorizer, Mango, 10oz, Aerosol, 12/Carton (AMRA24220MA)
Fresh Products Conqueror 103 Odor Counteractant Concentrate, Tutti-Frutti, 1 Quart (FRS1232WBCH)
Big D Industries Enzym D Digester Liquid Deodorant, Lemon, 32oz, 12/Carton (BGD500)