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All too often when it’s time to get a job done, we remember to arm ourselves with the main tool but tend to forget about accessories, those little extra items that are so very important to fully complete the task at hand. Here at we have janitorial supplies and cleaning product accessories at incredibly low prices, such as putty knives, floor blade scrapers, hand scrapers, and window squeegees in either microfiber or rubber blades. Interested in making those back-breaking jobs that require bending down much easier? Try our Extended Reacher with gear-driven claws that grip and grab bottles, cans, debris, even cigarette butts, coins, and other small objects effortlessly or our paper pickers that effectively remove paper and litter without stooping. If crouching is not your issue but reaching up high to change a light bulb is, then check out our fully-insulated flood sucker bulb changer. Perhaps replacements parts are all you need right now. has replacement parts for squeegees, scrapers, and pins for pickers. How about a place to neatly store all of your tools and accessories? Our wall-mount Hold-Up Aluminum Tool Rack has an open-top design that allows tools to hang at various heights with rubber fingers that grasp different size handles. Whatever it is you need, trust to deliver with the lowest prices.

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12" ErgoTec Replacement Squeegee (UNG RT30)
ErgoTec Replacement Squeegee Rubber Blades, Soft Rubber, 14in Size (UNG RT35)
ErgoTec 18" Replacement Squeegee Soft Rubber Blade (UNG RT45)
ErgoTec Locking Cone Adapter for OptiLoc Tele-Poles (UNG NCAN)
Unger ErgoTec Nonslip Safety Scraper (UNG SR040)
ErgoTec SafetyScraper Replacement Blades, #9 Blades, 100 Blades (UNG SRB10)
Fixi Clamp (UNG FIXI)
FloodSucker Bulb Changer (UNG FS00)
General-Duty 8 Inch Squeegee with 21 Inch Metal Handle (UNS 824)
Heavy-Duty 8" Replacement Floor Scraper Blades, 10 Blades (UNG HDSB)
Hold Up Aluminum Tool Rack, 18in Length (UNG HU45)
Hold Up Aluminum Tool Rack, 36" Length (UNG HU900)
Peoples Paper Picker Pin, 42in Long Paper Picker Pin (UNG PPPP)
Peoples Paper Picker Replacement Pin Plug(UNG PINP)
Pro Aluminum 1.5" Handle (UNG AL140)
Pro Aluminum 3.0 Acme Thread Handle with Three-Degree Taper (UNG AL14T)
58" Pro Aluminum Acme Handle (UNG AL14A)
Pro Stainless Steel Squeegee Handle (UNG PR00)
Unger Pro Window Kit (UNG PWK0)
ProBucket Heavy-Duty 6-Gallon Bucket (UNG QB220)
1-1/4" Putty Knife (GRE 15PKS)
Unger Sanitary Brush with Squeegee (UNG PB55A)
Sanitary Brushes, 18in Head (UNG PB45A)
Sanitary Standard Squeegees, 18in Head (UNG PM45A)
22" Sanitary Standard Squeegee (UNG PM55A)
Tele-Plus Pole (UNG TF900)
The Brute Scraper, Razor Floor & Wall Scraper (UNG SH25C)
Brute Scraper 4 inch Replacement Blades, 10 Blades (UNG RB10C)
36" Nifty Nabber, Extended Reach Holder (UNG NN90)
The Nifty Nabber, 51" Extended Reach Grabber (UNG NN14)
The Nifty Nabber, 18in (UNG NN40)
Water Wand Acme Insert (UNG FWAI)
22" Heavy-Duty Water Wand (UNG HM550)
Unger Water Wand Heavy Duty Floor Squeegee, 30" Wide (UNG HM750)
Unger Heavy Duty 30" Red Floor Squeegee (UNG HW750)
18" Standard Disposable Water Wand Floor Squeegee (UNG MW450)
Water Wands, Standard Disposable, 22in (UNG MW550)
Ettore Tool Belt (SHR-ETT2044)
Ettore Master Brass Handle (SHR-ETT1324)
Libman 18" Flex Blade Floor Squeegees, 12 Squeegees (LIB-00192)
Libman All-Purpose Squeegees (LIB-00182)
Libman Microfiber & Squeegee Window Washers (LIB-00194)