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Extension Poles

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ErgoTec Locking Cone Adapter for OptiLoc Tele-Poles (UNG NCAN)
FloodSucker Bulb Changer (UNG FS00)
OptiLoc Tele-Poles, 2 Sections, 4-ft. (UNG EZ120)
8-Ft. OptiLoc Extension Tele-Pole (UNG EZ250)
OptiLoc Tele-Poles, 2 Sections, 13-ft. (UNG EZ400)
OptiLoc Tele-Poles, 3 Sections, 12-ft. (UNG ED370)
OptiLoc Tele-Poles, 3 Sections, 14-ft. (UNG ED450)
18-ft. OptiLoc 3 Section Tele-Pole (UNG ED550)
30-ft. OptiLoc 3 Section Tele-Poles (UNG ED900)
Pro Aluminum 1.5" Handle (UNG AL140)
Pro Aluminum 3.0 Acme Thread Handle with Three-Degree Taper (UNG AL14T)
58" Pro Aluminum Acme Handle (UNG AL14A)
Unger Pro Window Kit (UNG PWK0)
Tele-Plus Pole (UNG TF900)
Threaded Wood Cone Adapter for Opti-Loc Tele-Poles (UNG TWA0)
Ettore Pro Plus Pole Tip (SHR-ETT1700)
Libman 12 Foot Extension Handles (LIB-00612)
Unger Opti-Loc Aluminum Extension Pole, 18-ft., Three Sections (UNGED550)
Unger Pro Aluminum Knock Down Handle, 56", Silver (UNGAL14G)
Unger Aluminum Extension Pole, 13-ft., 2 Sections, Silver/Green (UNGEZ400)
Unger Nifty Nabber Extension Arm w/Claw, 36", Black/Green (UNGNN900)
Unger Nifty Nabber Extension Arm w/Claw, 51", Black/Green (UNGNN140)
Unger Opti-Loc Aluminum Extension Pole, 8-ft., Two Sections (UNGEZ250)
Rubbermaid Hygen Quick-Connect Extension Handle, 48-72", Yellow/Black (RCPQ755)
Unger Opti-Loc Aluminum Extension Pole, 30-ft., Three Sections, Silver/Green (UNGED900)
Unger Water Wand Acme Insert (UNGFWAI)
Unger Telescoping Squeegee Pole, 4ft, Two Sections, Silver/Green (UNGEZ120)
Unger AquaDozer Squeegee Acme Threaded Insert, Nylon, Green (UNGFAAI)
Unger Flood Sucker Bulb Changer (UNGFS00)
Unger ErgoTec Locking Cone (UNGNCAN)
Unger Nifty Nabber Extension Arm with Claw, 18in, Black/Green (UNGNN40)
Unger Nifty Nabber Trigger-Grip Extension Arm, 32in, Aluminum/Green (UNGNT080)
Unger Indoor Window Cleaning Kit, Aluminum, 72" Extension Pole With 8" Pad Holder (UNGCK053)