Lids for Plastic Cups


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Lids for Plastic Cups

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Solo Plastic Straw Slot Lid for 10-oz. Cup, 2,500 Lids (SCC 600TS)
Plastic Flat Lids for 12 and 14-oz. Cups, 1,000 (DCC L14N)
Solo 16-oz. Translucent Plastic Straw Slot Lid, 2,000 Lids (SCC L16BL)
Translucent Plastic 32-oz. Tall Cup Bubble Lid, 960 Lids (SCC L32BN)
24-oz. Plastic Flat Lid with Straw Slot, 1,020 Lids (BWK YLP-24C)
Eco Products Compostable Lids, 1,000 lids (ECP EP-FLCC)
Eco Products Soup Container Lids, 8-oz., 1000 Lids (ECP EP-ECOLID-SPS)
Dart Plastic Hot Cup Lids, Fits 10-oz. Cups, White, 1000 Lids (DCC 10FTL)
Dart Lift n' Lock Plastic Hot Cup Lids, Fits 6-10oz Cups, White, 1000 Lids (DCC 8FTL)
Genpak Plastic Lids, Fits All 10" Plates, Clear (GNP 94010)