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Bath Mats

On average, a staggering 370 people of all ages in the United States sustain injuries from a bathtub or shower every day according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission. Bath mats are usually an excellent solution in helping one get firm footing while in the shower or bath and reducing the risk of falling down or sliding while bathing. Falls in the shower or bathtub can be especially dangerous because it is fairly easy for a person's head to strike a hard surface such as the water faucet or tub itself while falling. Children and older adults are especially susceptible to falls in the bathroom but injuries can happen at any age and at any time. offers nonslip perforated bath and shower mats for improved drainage and is the perfect solution for shower stalls or bathtubs. For comfort and maximum security without the worry of slips or falls, trusted brand-name Rubbermaid shower mats come in medium or large sizes to suit the dimension of your tub or shower stall, both equipped with skid-resistant suction cups providing a comfortable and secure shower experience. Trust with your matting needs to keep those you are responsible for safe while bathing.

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Rubbermaid Safti-Grip Bath Mat, Medium, White (RCP 7035 WHI)
Rubbermaid Safti-Grip Bath Mat, Large, White (RCP 7041-04 WHI)
Bulk Buys Non-slip bathtub appliques, 12/Case (KOLE-HA254)
Bulk Buys Super grip bath handle, 4/Pack (KOLE-OB647)
Bulk Buys Bath Mat, 2/Pack (KOLE-OB888)
Bulk Buys anti slip mat assorted colors, 12/Case (KOLE-OC139)
Bulk Buys anti slip mat assorted colors, 12/Case (KOLE-OC140)
Bulk Buys No-slip mat, 4/Pack (KOLE-UU252)