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Swiffer 360 Duster Starter Kit, 12 Kits (PGC 16942)
Swiffer Duster 360 Mop Refills, 36 Refills (PGC 16944)
3M Easy Trap Flip Holder, 23in Length (MCO 59247)
Economy Ostrich Feather Duster, 31" Overall Length, 16" Wood Handle (UNS 31FD)
Economy Ostrich Feather Duster, 23" Overall Length, 13" Wood Handle (UNS 23FD)
Economy Ostrich Feather Duster, 13in Overall Length (UNS 13FD)
Flexible Head Overhead Dusting Tool (RCP T410)
Flexible Head Overhead Dusting Tool Dust Mitt (RCP T499)
Lambswool Duster, 26" Overall Length (UNS L26)
Unisan 35" - 48" Extension Lambswool Duster (UNS L3850)
Microfiber Flexible High-Reach Duster Wand (RCP Q850)
Microfiber Flexible High-Reach Duster Replacement Sleeve (RCP Q851)
Overhead Dusting Tool Replacement Head (RCP T199)
Overhead Dusting Tool with Angled Head (RCP T120)
102" Overhead Dusting Tool with Straight Head (RCP T130)
51" Overhead Dusting Tool with Straight Head (RCP T110)
12" Plastic Handle Colored Turkey Feather Duster (UNS 12DC)
Plastic Handle Professional Ostrich Feather Duster, Gray (UNS 12GY)
20" Plastic Handle Polywool Handle Duster (UNS 9441)
Polywool Duster, Metal Extension Handle (UNS 9442)
28" Premium Ostrich Feather Duster, Black, 16" Handle (UNS 28BK)
20" Premium Ostrich Feather Duster (UNS 20BK)
Professional Ostrich Feather Duster, 20" Overall Length, 10" Handle (UNS 20GY)
28" Premium Ostrich Feather Duster, Gray, 16" Handle (UNS 28GY)
Unger ProFlat Duster 75 (UNG PFD7G)
Swiffer Dusters with Extendable Handle, 6 Starter Kits (PGC 82074)
Swiffer Dusters Refill, 60 Refills (PGC 41767)
Swiffer Sweeper Max Dry Cloth Refills, 96 Cloths (PGC 37109)
Swiffer Sweeper Dry Cloth Refills, 192 Cloths (PGC 33407)
Rubbermaid Hygen High Performance Flexi Wand (RCP Q852 WHI)
Rubbermaid Hygen High Performance Flexi Wand Refill - 6 per case (RCP Q853 WHI)
11" MicroFeather Mini-Duster (UNS MINIDUSTER)
23" Microfiber Feather Duster (UNS MICRODUSTER)
Unger Total-Reach Cobweb Duster (UNG COBW0)
Libman Feather Dusters, 6 Feather Dusters (LIB-00239)
Libman Swivel Dusters, 4 Dusters (LIB-00118)
18" Pad Holder for Microfiber Wet and Dust Mops (ACA-MFMB18)
18" Microfiber Velcro Dust Mop, 12 Dust Mops (ACA-MFVM18)
Swiffer Duster Starter Kit, 9 Kits (PGC 40509)
Swiffer Dry Refill Cloths, 32 Cloths (PAG33407BX)
Swiffer Dry Cloth Refill System, 6 Boxes (PAG33407CT)
Quickie Lysol Clean-Flip Dry Sweeping Cloths, 32 Cloths (QCK56766)
Chix Masslinn Dust Cloths, Yellow, 400 Dust Cloths (CHI0213)
Swiffer Refill Dusters, Dust Lock Fiber, Yellow, 10/Carton (PAG16697)
Swiffer Handle Duster, Dust Lock Fiber, Yellow (PAG40509EA)