2 ply Jumbo Toilet Paper


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2 ply Jumbo Toilet Paper

CleanItSupply.com carries a large selection of toilet paper at the lowest prices around. Browse our extensive inventory of 2-ply jumbo toilet paper and you are sure to find what you need at a price that works for your budget. Choose from name brands like Georgia Pacific, Kimberly Clark, Windsoft and Boardwalk. If brand names aren’t a priority and you are just looking for cheap jumbo rolls of toilet paper, you have come to the right place. Check out our assortment of value brand jumbo bathroom tissue available at significantly lower prices. For our environmentally conscious consumers, we have a great selection of 100% recycled 2-ply jumbo toilet paper to fit any budget. Jumbo toilet paper provides more toilet paper than regular size rolls, helping to reduce costs and maintenance time for your facility. Our online superstore is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so you can shop anytime of the day or night from the comfort of your home or office. CleanItSupply.com’s team of knowledgeable customer service associates is ready to answer any questions you may have about our inventory of 2-ply jumbo roll toilet paper or any of our other janitorial supplies. Just click to chat online or call our toll free number. Before you check out, be sure to look through our selection of jumbo toilet paper dispensers.

With more paper per roll than the average bathroom tissue, 2-ply jumbo toilet paper is the most cost-effective choice for any public restroom. Jumbo toilet tissue is also an economical option for large families that go through considerable quantities of toilet paper. Choose from 9” diameter Jumbo, Jr. rolls or the larger 12” diameter Jumbo, Sr. with 2000 feet of paper, perfect for high traffic restrooms.  No matter what size or brand of toilet tissue you choose, we have a dispenser to accommodate up to two rolls of any brand of jumbo bathroom tissue we offer. Looking for an environmentally friendly jumbo toilet paper brand that will be gentle on the planet as well as your wallet? Check out our stock of eco-friendly toilet paper products made from 100% recycled fibers from Atlas Paper Mills, Advantage and Wausau. Before completing your purchase, don’t forget to browse through our vast selection of wholesale cleaning and janitorial products, many of which are in stock and ready to ship. Whether you are stocking up on toilet paper for a private home, commercial facility, warehouse or commercial office building, the lowest prices and highest quality 2-ply jumbo bath tissue rolls can be found here at CleanItSupply.com. Check us out today and see how much you can save.

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2-Ply 12" Jumbo Sr. Roll
2-Ply 9" Jumbo Jr. Roll


Acclaim 9" Jumbo Jr. 2 Ply Toilet Paper, 8 Rolls (GPC 137-28)
Envision 12" Super JRT Sr. Roll, 2 Ply Jumbo Toilet Paper, 6 Rolls (GPC 131-02)
Boardwalk 2-Ply 9" Jumbo Toilet Paper, 12 Rolls (BWK 6100)
Boardwalk JRT Jumbo 2-Ply Toilet Paper, 6 Rolls (BWK 6102)
Windsoft 9" Jumbo Jr. 2-Ply Jumbo Toilet Paper, 12 Rolls (WIN 202)
Scott 2 Ply Toilet Paper, 9" JRT Jr. Roll, 12 Rolls (KCC 07805)
Scott 12" Super JRT Sr. 2 Ply Toilet Paper, 6 Rolls (KCC 07827)
Windsoft 12" Super JRT 2 Ply Jumbo Toilet Paper, 6 Rolls (WIN 203)
Tradition 9" JRT Jr. Roll, 2 Ply Jumbo Toilet Paper, 12 Rolls (KCC 02129)
General 2 Ply 9" Jumbo Toilet Paper, 12 Rolls (GEN 9JUMBO)
Renature 9" JRT Jr. Roll, 2 Ply Jumbo Toilet Paper, 12 Rolls (SHR-ADV2020)
Renature 12" JRT Sr. Roll, 2 Ply Jumbo Toilet Paper, 6 Rolls (SHR-ADV2030)
JRT JR 2 Ply Toilet Tissue, 12 Rolls (SHR-GEN1002)
Classique 9"JRT Jr. Roll, 2 Ply Toilet Paper, 12 Rolls (SHR-PSC121033)
Classique JRT Jr. Roll, 2-Ply Jumbo Toilet Paper, 12 Rolls (SHR-PSC121033C)
Captiva 12" JRT Sr. Roll, 2 Ply Jumbo Toilet Paper, 6 Rolls (SHR-MAT05164)
Scott 9" JRT Jr. Roll, 2 Ply Jumbo Toilet Paper, 12 Rolls (KCC 67805)
Atlas 9" Jumbo Toilet Paper Roll, 2-Ply, 12 Rolls (APM 700GREEN)
Atlas 12" JRT Sr. Roll, 2 Ply Jumbo Toilet Paper, 6 Rolls (APM 730GREEN)
Boardwalk 9" JRT Jr. Jumbo 2 Ply Toilet Paper, Green Seal, 12 Rolls (BWK 19GREEN)
EcoSoft 2-Ply Jumbo Jr. Toilet Tissue, 12 Rolls (WAU 10020)
EcoSoft 2-Ply Jumbo Sr. Bathroom Tissue, 6 Rolls (WAU 20020)
Envision 2 Ply Jumbo Jr. Toilet Paper, 8 Rolls (GPC 127-98)
Scott 2-Ply Jumbo Roll Commercial Toilet Paper, 4 Rolls (KCC 03148)
Kimberly Clark Kleenex Cottonelle JRT Jr. Jumbo Roll Tissue, 2-Ply, 9" dia, 750 ft, 12 Rolls (KCC 07304)
Atlas Paper Mills Green Heritage Jumbo Toilet Tissue, 2-Ply, 12-in Diameter, Economy Size, 6 Rolls (APM 062GREEN)
Atlas Paper Mills Green Heritage Jumbo Toilet Tissue, 2-Ply, 9-in Diameter, Economy Size , 12 Rolls(APM 800GREEN)
GEN JRT Jumbo Bath Tissue, 2-Ply, 12 Rolls (GEN JRT1000)
GEN JRT Jumbo Toilet Tissue, 2-Ply, 9" Diameter, 12 Rolls (GEN ULTRA9)