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Crisp, clean, clear windows show your customers, clients and visitors that you care about how your company or home is viewed. Dirty windows give off a bad impression. The best way to combat, streaks, smears, dust and dirt from glass and windows is with squeegees and washers. No product cleans windows better than squeegees and washers; leaving nothing behind but a crystal clear view. Rags and paper towels leave behind lint and streaks. Once you try using squeegees and washers for your window and glass cleaning needs, you will never go back to window cleaners and paper towels again. Using squeegees and washers are also a greener way to clean without the cost and waste of numerous paper towels and the hassle of endlessly laundering rags. 

Do not think that squeegees and washers are just for the windows, though. With a long-handled floor squeegee, you can easily and effortlessly remove water and liquids from even or uneven floor surfaces such as concrete, wood, tile, and brick. Car detailing businesses, window washers, janitorial service companies, commercial businesses and residential homeowners will all benefit from cleaning with squeegees and washers for all types of applications, including cleaning shower doors, mirrors, and so much more. 

When it comes to squeegees and washers, you have found the right place to shop. Whether you are a homeowner or commercial business worker, all of our squeegees and washers will work for you. All of our cleaning supplies as well as our squeegees and washers come with low, wholesale price tags and brand names you can trust. With reliable name brands such as Libman, Unger and ErgoTech, CleanItSupply.com is the company you can consistently count on for quality products always sold at affordable prices. If you have any product questions, call to speak with one of our knowledgeable, live representatives who are trained to assist with any concerns or inquiries you may have. Call us at 1-800-998-3295 or click to start saving on all of your cleaning supplies today!  

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Aquadozer Squeegee Acme Threaded Insert (UNG FAAI)
18" Aquadozer Straight Floor Squeegee (UNG FE45)
Aquadozer Straight Floor Squeegees, 24 Inch (UNG FE60)
Curved Aquadozer® Heavy-Duty Floor Squeegees, 24in (UNG FP60C)
36" Curved Aquadozer Heavy-Duty Floor Squeegee (UNG FP90C)
12" Economical Window Squeegee (UNS ES12)
12" ErgoTec Replacement Squeegee (UNG RT30)
ErgoTec Replacement Squeegee Rubber Blades, Soft Rubber, 14in Size (UNG RT35)
ErgoTec 18" Replacement Squeegee Soft Rubber Blade (UNG RT45)
ErgoTec Glass Scraper (UNG EG150)
ErgoTec Locking Cone Adapter for OptiLoc Tele-Poles (UNG NCAN)
General-Duty Plastic Squeegee, 8" Head (UNS 816)
General-Duty 8 Inch Squeegee with 21 Inch Metal Handle (UNS 824)
12" Golden Clip Window Squeegee (UNG GS30)
18" Golden Clip Complete Window Squeegee (UNG GS45)
Heavy-Duty 8" Replacement Floor Scraper Blades, 10 Blades (UNG HDSB)
Hold Up Aluminum Tool Rack, 18in Length (UNG HU45)
Hold Up Aluminum Tool Rack, 36" Length (UNG HU900)
OptiLoc Tele-Poles, 2 Sections, 4-ft. (UNG EZ120)
8-Ft. OptiLoc Extension Tele-Pole (UNG EZ250)
OptiLoc Tele-Poles, 2 Sections, 13-ft. (UNG EZ400)
OptiLoc Tele-Poles, 3 Sections, 12-ft. (UNG ED370)
OptiLoc Tele-Poles, 3 Sections, 14-ft. (UNG ED450)
18-ft. OptiLoc 3 Section Tele-Pole (UNG ED550)
30-ft. OptiLoc 3 Section Tele-Poles (UNG ED900)
Peoples Paper Picker Pin, 42in Long Paper Picker Pin (UNG PPPP)
Peoples Paper Picker Replacement Pin Plug(UNG PINP)
Pro Aluminum 1.5" Handle (UNG AL140)
Pro Aluminum 3.0 Acme Thread Handle with Three-Degree Taper (UNG AL14T)
58" Pro Aluminum Acme Handle (UNG AL14A)
Pro Stainless Steel Squeegee Handle (UNG PR00)
12" Pro Stainless Steel Window Squeegee (UNG PR30)
14" Stainless Steel Window Squeegee, w/Handle, Channel & Rubber Blade (UNG PR35)
16" Stainless Steel Complete Window Squeegee (UNG PR40)
Stainless Steel Squeegees, Complete with Handle, 18 inch Rubber Blade (UNG PR45)
Unger Pro Window Kit (UNG PWK0)
ProBucket Heavy-Duty 6-Gallon Bucket (UNG QB220)
PushPull Floor Squeegee, 24in Head (UNG FH600)
Sanitary Brush (UNG PB45R)
Unger Sanitary Brush with Squeegee (UNG PB55A)
Sanitary Brushes, 18in Head (UNG PB45A)
Sanitary Standard Squeegees, 18in Head (UNG PM45A)
22" Sanitary Standard Squeegee (UNG PM55A)
Straight Aquadozer® Heavy-Duty Floor Squeegees, 18in (UNG FP45)
Straight Aquadozer® Heavy-Duty Floor Squeegees, 24in (UNG FP60)
30" Straight Aquadozer Heavy-Duty Floor Squeegee (UNG FP75)
36" Straight Aquadozer Heavy-Duty Floor Squeegee (UNG FP90)
Tele-Plus Pole (UNG TF900)
The Brute Scraper, Razor Floor & Wall Scraper (UNG SH25C)
36" Nifty Nabber, Extended Reach Holder (UNG NN90)
The Nifty Nabber, 51" Extended Reach Grabber (UNG NN14)
The Nifty Nabber, 18in (UNG NN40)
UniTecLite Squeegee, 12in Head (UNG US300)
Visa Versa Squeegee with 10in Strip Washer (UNG VP25)
Visa Versa Squeegee with 14in Strip Washer (UNG VP35)
Visa Versa Squeegee with 18in Strip Washer (UNG VP45)
Water Wand Acme Insert (UNG FWAI)
22" Heavy-Duty Water Wand (UNG HM550)
Unger Water Wand Heavy Duty Floor Squeegee, 30" Wide (UNG HM750)
Unger Heavy Duty 30" Red Floor Squeegee (UNG HW750)
18" Standard Disposable Water Wand Floor Squeegee (UNG MW450)
Water Wands, Standard Disposable, 22in (UNG MW550)
Ettore Tool Belt (SHR-ETT2044)
Ettore Master Brass Channels (SHR-ETT1144)
Ettore Master Brass Handle (SHR-ETT1324)
Ettore Master Brass Channels (SHR-ETT1412)
Ettore Master Brass Channels (SHR-ETT1417)
Ettore Master Brass Channels (SHR-ETT1443)
Ettore Pro Plus Pole Tip (SHR-ETT1700)
Ettore Super System & Standard T-Bars (SHR-ETT1971)
Ettore Super System & Standard T-Bars (SHR-ETT1973)
Ettore Aluminum Straight Floor Squeegees (SHR-ETT55024)
Impact Straight Rubber Blade Squeegee (SHR-IMP222-24)
Impact Curved Rubber Blade Squeegee (SHR-IMP223-36)
Libman 12 Foot Extension Handles (LIB-00612)
Libman 12" Stainless Steel Squeegees (LIB-00189)
Libman 12" Stainless Steel Squeegee Refills, 2/pack, 12 packs/case (LIB-00187)
Libman 18" Flex Blade Floor Squeegees, 12 Squeegees (LIB-00192)
Libman 18" Stainless Steel Squeegees (LIB-00190)
Libman 18" Stainless Steel Squeegee Blade Refills, 12 Refills (LIB-00183)
Libman All-Purpose Squeegees (LIB-00182)
Libman Curved Floor Squeegees (LIB-00539)
Libman Flex Blade Floor Squeegee, 6 Squeegees (LIB-00191)
Libman Microfiber & Squeegee Window Washers (LIB-00194)
Libman Microfiber Window Washers (LIB-00193)
Libman Straight Floor Squeegee (LIB-00538)
22" SmartFit Water Wand - Floor Squeegee(UNG HM22A)
30" SmartFit Water Wand - Floor Squeegee (UNG HM30A)
10 inch Original Strip Washer with Handle (UNG WC250)
14 inch Original Strip Washer with Handle (UNG WC350)
18 inch Original Strip Washer with Handle (UNG WC450)
10 inch Original Strip Washer Replacement Sleeve (UNG WS250)
14 inch Original Strip Washer Replacement Sleeve (UNG WS350)
18 inch Original Strip Washer Replacement Sleeve (UNG WS450)
Libman Soft Rubber Floor Squeegee Set, 6/Case (LIB-00515)
Unger ErgoTec Squeegee, 18" Wide Blade (UNGES450EA)
Unger Aquadozer Eco Floor Squeegee, 18In. Black Rubber Blade, Straight (UNGFE45)
Unger Heavy Duty Floor Squeegee, 30" Blade, Green/Black Rubber (UNGFP75)
Unger Golden Clip Brass Squeegee Complete, 12" Wide (UNGGS300)
Unger Golden Clip Brass Squeegee Complete, 18" Wide (UNGGS450)
Unger Sanitary Floor Squeegee, 18" Blade, White Plastic/Black Rubber (UNGPM45A)
Unger Squeegee & Strip Washer, 10", Nylon/Rubber/Cloth, White/Green (UNGVP25)
Unisan Economical Window Squeegee, 12 Inches, Metal Handle, Black Rubber Blade (UNSES12)