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Trigger Sprayers at Wholesale and in Bulk

At we offer quality triggers and plastic squirt bottles at wholesale prices. Select your choice of trigger sprayers to dispense various types of cleaners or just water.
Several different types of trigger sprays are available. Choose from chemical resistant trigger sprayers,contour ergonomic trigger sprayers, standard trigger sprayers, or general purpose trigger sprayers.
Plastic spray bottles for trigger sprayers come in 32 oz., 24 oz., and 16 oz. sizes. Plastic squirt bottles for trigger sprayers can handle concentrated cleaning products. Squirt spray bottles for trigger sprayers are a natural color and have quantity graduations.

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Unisan 7-1/2" General-Purpose Trigger Sprayer (UNS 922-7)
Unisan 8" Chemical-Resistant Sprayer (UNS 7210-8)
Unisan 8" Standard Trigger Sprayers (UNS 5910-8)
Unisan 9-1/2" Trigger Sprayer (UNS 7210-9)
Unisan 9-1/2" General-Purpose Trigger Sprayer (UNS 922-9)
Unisan 9-1/2" Standard Trigger Sprayer (UNS 5910-9)
Contour Series 8-1/2" Trigger Sprayer (UNS 5810-8)
Unisan Contour Series Trigger Sprayer, 9-7/8" Trigger Sprayer (UNS 5810-9)
Impact General Purpose 8-1/8" Trigger Sprayer (SHR-IMP5900)
Impact General Purpose 9-7/8" Trigger Sprayer (SHR-IMP5902)
Impact Smazer Value-Plus Trigger Sprayer, 10" Sprayer (SHR-IMP6900)
Unisan Plastic Sprayer Bottles, 24 oz., 3 Bottles/Pack (UNS03010)
Genuine Joe Spray Bottle, w/Trigger, Adjustable, 32-oz., 2/Pack (GJO10449)
Impact General Purpose Trigger Sprayer, 8 1/8 in, Blue/White, 3 Bottles (IMP 350245802)