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We offer the best selection of Mops, Brooms, Brushes and Dusters, as well as Brooms and Accessories, including a variety of Dust Mops, Floor Dusters and Accessories. Our wide selection of wholesale dust mops are the perfect addition to any cleaning fleet. Regardless if you are an individual cleaner, maid service, industrial cleaning company, or janitorial crew, our sturdy and dependable dust mops can help you get the job done better and faster. Ideal for those who value versatility, our quality name-brand dust mops give the user the best of both worlds; long handles and wide mop heads for those larger jobs, as well as angled corners precision based corners, for those hard to reach corners. Available for purchase 24 hours a day, 7 days a week via the CleanItSupply.com online superstore, our diverse selection of name-brand dust mops come in a variety of lengths, pairings, and specifications. Always priced at low, wholesale prices, our dusters and accessories are the additions every cleaning industry individual cannot do without.

The ideal fit for any cleaning circumstance, CleanItSupply.com – the janitorial products supplier, provides a great selection of Dust Mops. From residential cleaners, and maid services, to industrial cleaning crews and janitorial custodians, we have the versatility and variety to satisfy any and all industries. Designed for easy usability and able to withstand the daily cleaning grind, our high-quality, name-brand, dusters and accessories provide an easy, safe, and affordable alternative to the traditional mop. Our variety of dust mops make cleaning a breeze. From garages to warehouse, offices to schools, our mops offer an easy and convenient way to whisking dirt and dust away as quickly as they appear. We take great pride in what we offer each and every one of our customers, which is why we are so confident in our dust mops. Call or click today to receive our everyday, low wholesale prices. Built to last, all of our dust mops offer a refreshing degree of durability and longevity that other broom materials cannot match. Upgrade your janitorial armory today by purchasing any one of our wide assortment of high-quality, name-brand dust mops.

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Rubbermaid Q412 Hygen 18" Microfiber Damp Room Mop, 12/Case (RCP Q412 WHI)
Rubbermaid Q424 Hygen 24" Microfiber Dry Hall Mop, 12/Case (RCP Q424 GRE)
3M Doodleduster Cloth Holder, 25 in long x 3 in Wide (MCO 19150)
3M Doodleduster Cloth Holder, 38 in Long x 3 in Wide (MCO 19151)
3M Doodleduster Cloth - 250 cloths (MCO 19152)
3M Easy Trap Duster Cloth, Large Dust Cloth - 250 sheets (MCO 55654)
3M Easy Trap Duster Cloth, Standard Dust Cloth - 500 sheets (MCO 55655)
3M Easy Trap II Holder, 35in Length (MCO 55936)
3M Easy Trap II Holder, 47in Length (MCO 55937)
Unisan 18" Dust Mop Head (UNS 1118)
Unisan 24" Dust Mop Head (UNS 1124)
36" Dust Mop Head (UNS 1136)
18" Dust Mop Frame, 18 x 3-1/4 (UNS 1218)
24" Dust Mop Frame, 24 x 3-1/4 (UNS 1224)
36" Dust Mop Frame, 36 x 3-1/4 (UNS 1236)
48" Dust Mop Frame, Z-Bar Brace, 48 x 3-1/4 (UNS 1248)
18" Dust Mop Frame, 5 x 18 (UNS 1418)
24" Dust Mop Frame, 5 x 24 (UNS 1424)
36" Dust Mop Frame (UNS 1436)
48" Dust Mop Frame, Z-Bar Brace, 48 x 5 (UNS 1448)
60" Dust Mop Frame, Z-Bar Brace, 60 x 5 (UNS 1460)
Dust Mop Handle, 60" x 15/16", Clip-On Handle (UNS 1490)
Unisan Disposable Dust Heads, 5" x 24" (UNS 1624)
Disposable Cotton & Synthetic Dust Mop Head, 5" x 36" (UNS 1636)
Unisan Mop Head, Dust, Cotton/Synthetic Fibers, 48 x 5, White (UNS 1648)
18" Industrial Dust Mop Head, 18 x 3 (UNS 1018)
24" Industrial Dust Mop Head, 24 x 3 (UNS 1024)
36" Industrial Dust Mop Head, 36 x 3 (UNS 1036)
48" Industrial Dust Mop Head, 48 x 3 (UNS 1048)
36" Industrial Dust Mop Head, White (UNS 1336)
48" Industrial Dust Mop Head, 48 x 5 (UNS 1348)
60" Industrial Dust Mop Head (UNS 1360)
12" Industrial Dust Mop Head, 12 x 5 (UNS 1312)
18" Industrial Dust Mop Head, 18 x 5 (UNS 1318)
24" Industrial Dust Mop Head, 24 x 5 (UNS 1324)
Steel Janitor Dust Pans, 12in Edge Width (IMP 4212)
Steel Janitor Dust Pans, 16in Edge Width (IMP 4216)
Swiffer 35154 Sweeper Wet Cloths Refills, 144 Cloths (PGC 35154)
Swiffer Sweepers, Swiffer Max Sweeper - 3 kits per case (PGC 37108)
Swiffer Sweeper Starter Kits, 3 Kits (PGC 09060)
Rubbermaid J152 Trapper Dust Mop - 18inch, 5 x 18, Yellow (RCP J152)
Rubbermaid J153 Trapper Dust Mop - 24inch, 5 x 24 (RCP J153)
Rubbermaid J157 48" Trapper Looped-End Dust Mop, 5 x 48 (RCP J157)
Unisan Wedge Dust Mop Head (UNS 1491)
Wedge Dust Head Frame and Handle (UNS 1492)
Unisan 24" Echo Dust Mop Heads, 12 Dust Mops (UNS ECHO245LGSP)
Libman 24" Dust Mop Refills (LIB-00923)
Libman 36" Dust Mop Refills, 6 Mop Refills (LIB-00925)
Libman Microfiber Wet/Dry Dust Mops, 6 Floor Mops (LIB-00117)
Libman Microfiber Wet/Dry Dust Mop Refill, 6 Refills (LIB-00119)
24" Microfiber Dust Mop, Pocket Canvas Back (ACA-MFDM24YL)
36" Microfiber Dust Mop, Pocket Canvas Back (ACA-MFDM36RD)
48" Microfiber Dust Mop, Pocket Canvas Back (ACA-MFDM48BL)
60" Microfiber Dust Mop, Pocket Canvas Back (ACA-MFDM60GN)
Knuckle Buster Microfiber Extension Mop and Duster Handle (ACA-MFH71)
24" Microfiber Dust Mop Pad Holder (ACA-MFMB24)
36" Pad Holder for Microfiber Dust Mops (ACA-MFMB36)
18" Microfiber Velcro Dust Mop, 12 Dust Mops (ACA-MFVM18)
24" Microfiber Velcro Dust Mop, 12 Dust Mops (ACA-MFVM24)
36" Microfiber Velcro Dust Mop, 12 Dust Mops (ACA-MFVM36)
3m Doodleduster Disposable Cloth, 250 Sheets (MMM19152)
Swiffer 35154 Wet Refill Cloths, 12 Boxes (PGC35154CT)
Swiffer Max Dry Refill Cloths, Swiffer 37109, 6 Boxes (PGC37109)
Quickie Home Pro Soft & Swivel Dust Mop Refill, Microfiber/Chenille, Green, Each (QCK0604)
Swiffer 35154 Wet Refill System Cloths, 12 Cloths (PGC35154BX)
Genuine Joe 36" Dust Mop Refill, Use With 02309 Frame (GJO01702)
Genuine Joe Dust Mop Refill, 24", Use With 54101 Frame/Combo (GJO54102)
Rubbermaid Commercial Microfiber Dust Pad w/Fringe, 18", Green (RCP Q418)
Rubbermaid Microfiber Finish Pad, 18", Blue/White, 6 Pads (RCP Q800 WHI)