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Unisan 60" Jaws Mop Handle, Yellow (UNS 610)
Unisan 60" Quick Change Mop Handle, Yellow (UNS 620)
Rubbermaid Gripper Clamp Style Wet Mop Hardwood Handle, Yellow (RCP H216)
60 Inch Clamp Style Aluminum Wet Mop Handles, Gray/Yellow (RCP H226)
54 Inch Clamp Style Vinyl-Coated Aluminum Handles, Yellow/Gray (RCP H235)
60 Inch Clamp Style Vinyl-Covered Aluminum Mop Handle, Yellow/Gray (RCP H236)
60 Inch Clamp Style Fiberglass Wet Mop Handle, Gray (RCP H246 GRA)
Janitor Style Screw Clamp Handle, 64in Length (IMP 94)
Lie-Flat Screw-In Mop Handle, 54in Length (UNS 833)
Lie-Flat Screw-In Mop Handle, 60in Janitor Length (UNS 834)
Plastic Speed Change Handle, 57in Length (IMP 81)
Plastic Speed Change Handle, 63in Length (IMP 84)
Quick Change Handle, Fits Mop Heads #12 and #16, 54in Junior Length (UNS 601)
Unisan Janitor Length Quick Change 63" Mop Handle (UNS 605)
Screw Clamp Handle, Fits Mop Heads #12 and #16, 54in Junior Length (UNS 606)
Unisan 63" Janitor Length Screw Clamp Mop Handle (UNS 603)
Side Gate Antimicrobial Handles, 60in Hardwood Handle, Yellow/Gray (RCP H116)
Rubbermaid Side Gate 60" Aluminum Wet Mop Handle (RCP H126)
Side Gate Antimicrobial Handles, 60in Vinyl-Covered Aluminum (RCP H136)
Side Gate Antimicrobial Handles, 60in Fiberglass Handle (RCP H146)
Spring Grip Handle (UNS 609)
Steel Speed Change Handle, 63-1/2in Length (IMP 837)
Wedge Dust Head Frame and Handle (UNS 1492)
O Cedar Plastic Quick Change Mopstick (SHR-OCED6516)
Rubbermaid 60" Invader Side Gate Bamboo Mop Handle (RCP H117)
Clamp Style 60" Bamboo Mop Handle (RCP H217)
Libman Resin Jaw Mop Handles (LIB-00983)
Libman 65" Steel Mop Handles, 6 Mop Handles (LIB-00981)
Unger Pro Aluminum Knock Down Handle, 1.5 Degree Taper (UNG AL14G)
Genuine Joe Mop Handle, Wooden,15/16"x60", Use w/02309/48264, Natural (GJO02310)
Rubbermaid Executive Series Aluminum Telescoping Microfiber Mop Handle, 42"-72" (RCP 1863882)
Rubbermaid Executive Series Telescoping Microfiber Mop Handle, 20"-40" (RCP 1863883)