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Pest control, carpet cleaning, waterproofing, degreasing – there is no end to the jobs made simpler with a commercial tank sprayer for all of your professional, commercial and personal consumer needs. Not only are the uses endless, so are the types of tank sprayers that CleanItSupply.com offers. Whether you are in the market for a small, handheld sprayer that will simply spritz your household plants, or for a pressurized tank spray for use in a large area such as the garden or garage, we have your type. Perhaps a tank sprayer that adjusts cleaners from liquid to thick foam is more your preference. Or maybe forget hand pumping altogether and try our convenient 5-liter battery-powered portable tank sprayer with padded shoulder strap and thumb-operated switch providing ease of operation especially for those suffering from arthritis. Uses 4 standard D batteries and will spray 18 gallons on one set of batteries. Only need replacement parts for your tank sprayer? We have those, too! Any questions? Call toll-free or click to live chat with our knowledgeable staff to assist you with any concerns you may have regarding commercial tank sprayers or any of our cleaning supplies and products to find the right product for your needs.

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64-oz. RL Commercial Hand Sprayer (RLF 1985LG)
Light-Duty 64-oz. Sprayer and Mister (RLF 1998TL)
Acid-Resistant Industrial Sprayer, 2-Gallon Capacity (RLF 1992A)
RL Flo-Master Tank Sprayer Brass Discharge Kit (RLF 1910BV)
Commercial-Grade Industrial Sprayer, 3-Gallon Capacity (RLF 1963VI)
RL Flo-Master Polyethylene Extension Wand and Adjustable Nozzle Kit (RLF 1913PB)
Soft Goods Kit for Tank Sprayers (RLF 1910SGV)
Standard Industrial Tank Sprayer, 1-Gallon Capacity (RLF 1971)
Standard Industrial Tank Sprayer, 2-Gallon Capacity (RLF 1972)
Standard Industrial Tank Sprayer, 3-Gallon Capacity (RLF 1973)
1.3 Gallon Portable Battery-Powered Sprayer (RLF 5BP)
3-Gallon Flomaster Foaming Sprayer (RLF 1997NFS)
Standard Sprayer with Wand and Nozzle, Polyethylene, 2 Gallons, White (RLF1972)
R. L. Flomaster Acid-Resistant Sprayer, 2gal, Orange/Black (RLF1992A)
R. L. Grade Sprayer w/Flat Fan Nozzle, 3 Gallon, White/Black (RLF1963VI)
R. L. Flomaster Sprayer, Wand w/Flat Fan Nozzle, 3 Gallon, White/Black (RLF1973)
R. L. Hand Sprayer with Adjustable Nozzle, Polyethylene, Black/White (RLF1985LG)
R. L. Flomaster Sprayer/Mister w/Adjustable Poly Nozzle, 64 oz, Polyethylene, Green/White (RLF1998TL)
Portable Battery-Powered Sprayer w/Telescoping Wand, 1.3 Gallon (RLF5BP)