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CleanItSupply.com is a wholesale janitorial supply company offering a large assortment of paper products and dispensers, including a variety of cleaning rags. Designed ideally for cleaning, our large selection of rags and towels offer the perfect combination of softness, durability and absorption that cannot be matched. Designed to hold up to even the toughest cleaning tasks, our line of high-quality cleaning rags are the perfect addition to any commercial cleaning crew, janitorial service or residential home. No matter what type of cleaning rag you are in search of, we have just what you need at an affordable price. Our online store stocks cleaning cloths from trusted brand names like Kimberly Clark, Scott, Libman, Brawny and more all at low, wholesale prices. Regardless what brand towel you choose, each one offers a quick and easy wiping, drying and cleaning solution.

If you’re in the market for a multitasking cloth, check out our selection of durable, machine washable towels that provide the absorbency of a sponge with the cleaning capabilities of a rag in one cost-effective product! Tired of cleaning your windows and mirrors only to find lint all over the surface after you’ve cleaned it? We’ve got a solution! Libman Glass Wipes are lint-free and made of durable, absorbent cotton that stands up to repeated usage and washings. These towels won’t leave behind streaks or scratches on surfaces and can also be used for cleaning up spills. These are just a few examples of the cleaning rags we offer, so be sure to browse our entire selection before you check out. If you have a question about any of our janitorial supplies, including cleaning cloths, we have a team of dedicated customer service agents here to help. Call our toll free number or click to chat via our website to be connected with one of our knowledgeable employees. CleanItSupply.com strives to be the best janitorial supply store and provide the best customer service possible. And for that reason, our employees receive extensive training in all of the products we offer to help you find the cleaning and janitorial supplies that will best suit your location as well as your budget. Make CleanItSupply.com your go-to website for high quality products at rock bottom prices. Click or call today and start saving!

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Domestic Bleached Knits Rags, 25-lb. Box (HOS 455-25)
Kimberly Clark Scott Rags In-A-Box, 1,600 Rags (KCC 75260CT)
Scott Shop Towels In A Box, Blue, 200 Towels/Box, 8 Boxes (KCC 75190)
Scott Shop Towel Rolls, Blue, 30 Rolls (KCC 75130)
Worxwell General Purpose Towel Rags, 100 Towels (CHI 8481)
Worxwell General Purpose Rags, 300 Rags (CHI 8483)
Wypall Rags in a Bucket - 2 buckets per case (KCC 83561)
Wypall Rags in a Bucket Refill - 660 rags (KCC 83571)
Kimberly Clark Wypall X60 Jumbo Roll Wiper Rags - 1,100 Wipers (KCC 34955)
Wypall X60 Quarterfold Rags, 12 Packs (KCC 34865)
Wypall X60 Rags in Brag Box - 180 wipes per box (KCC 34015)
Wypall X60 Wipers in Pop-Up Box, 1,260 Wipers (KCC 34790)
Wypall X70 Flat Sheet Wipers, 300 Wipers (KCC 41100)
Wypall X70 Jumbo Roll Rags - 870 rags (KCC 41600)
Wypall X70 Quarterfold Wipers - 912 Wipers (KCC 41200)
Wypall X70 Heavy Duty Wipers in BRAG Box, 152 Wipers (KCC 41300)
White Wypall X70 Rags in Pop-Up Box - 1,000 rags (KCC 41455)
Wypall X80 Jumbo Wiper Roll, Red, 475 Wipers (KCC 41055)
White Wypall X80 Quarterfold Rags - 200 towels per case (KCC 41026)
Red Wypall X80 Quarterfold Rags - 200 towels per case (KCC 41029)
Wypall X80 Rags in a Brag Box - 160 towels (KCC 41041)
Brawny Industrial Light Duty Paper Wipes 2 ply 8X12.5 (GPC 292-21)
Wypall X80 Heavy Duty Shop Towels, 475 Towels (KCC 41025)
Libman Glass Wipes (LIB-00592)
Libman Shop Wipes (LIB-00591)
Libman Terry Towel Wipes, 72 Towels (LIB-00590)
Wypall X70 Wipers Jumbo Roll, White, 870 Wipers (KCC41600)
Brawny Industrial Premium All-Purpose Dry Wipes, 10 x 13, 400 Wipes (GPC20040)
Wypall X60 All Purpose Wipers, 1,260 Wipers (KCC34790CT)
Wypall X60 Wipers, 1/4-Fold, 12 Packs (KCC34865)
Wypall X60 Wipers Jumbo Roll, White, 1,100 Wipers (KCC34955)
Kimberly-clark Wypall X60 Wipers, 180 Wipers (KCC34015)
Wypall X80 Wipers Brag Box, Blue, 160 Wipers (KCC41041)
Wypall X70 Wipers Pop-Up Box, White, 1,000 Wipers (KCC41455)
Wypall X80 Shop Wipers, Red, 475 Wipers (KCC41055)
Wypall X70 Wipers, Flat Sheet, White, 300 Wipers (KCC41100)
Wypall X70 1/4-Fold Wipers, White, 912 Wipers (KCC41200)
Wypall X70 Wipers in BRAG Box, White, 152 Wipers (KCC41300)
Scott Rags-in-a Box, 10 x 12, White, 200 Rags/Box (KCC75260)
Scott Shop Towels, Blue, 12 Rolls (KCC75147)
Kimtech Prep Kimtex Wipers, Blue, 8 Packs (KCC33560)
Scott Shop Towels, Blue, 30 Rolls (KCC75130)
Pacific Dry Goods EcoTowl Bamboo Cloth, 3 Cloths (PDYETB)
Pacific Dry Goods Shammy Towel, 100 Per Pack (PDYSTBB)
Pacific Dry Goods Cloth, Assorted, 2 Per Pack (PDYETO)
Pacific Dry Goods Cloth, Assorted, 20 Per Pack (PDYETW)
Pacific Dry Goods Shammy Cloths, Assorted, 6 Per Pack (PDYSHA)
Pacific Dry Goods Shammy Towel, 100 Per Pack (PDYSTBO)
Multipurpose Reusable Cotton Wiping Cloths, 1lb Pack (UFSN250CW01)
Multipurpose Cotton Knit Cleaning Cloths, 5lb Box (UFSN205CW05)
Brawny Industrial All-Purpose DRC Wipers, 9-1/4 x 16, 1,100 Wipers (GPC20075)
Brawny Industrial Heavy-Duty Shop Towels, White, 1,320 Towels (GPC25081)
Wypall L40 Wipers Jumbo Roll, 750 Wipers (KCC05007)
Kimberly-clark Wypall L30 Wipers, 12.4 x 13.3, White, 950 Wipers (KCC05841)
Wypall X80 Towels 9.1" x 16.8", Red, 400 Towels (KCC05930)
Kimtech Prep Kimtex Shop Towels, Blue, 180 Wipers (KCC33352)
Wypall X60 Wipers Jumbo Roll, Blue, 1,100 Wipers (KCC34965)
Wypall X50 Jumbo Roll Wipers, 1,100 Wipers (KCC35015)
Wypall X50 All Purpose Wipers, White, 832 Wipers (KCC35025)
Wypall X60 Wipers Small Roll, White, 12 Rolls (KCC35401)
Wypall X60 All Purpose Wipers Roll, Blue, 12 Rolls (KCC35411)
Wypall X80 Shop Wipers Jumbo Roll, White, 475 Wipers (KCC41025)
Wypall X80 1/4-Fold Shop Towels, White, 200 Towels (KCC41026)
Wypall X80 Shop Wipers, Blue, 475 Wipers (KCC41043)
Wypall X80 Industrial Wipes in Brag Box, White, 160 Towels (KCC41044)
Wypall X80 Shop Wipers, White, 400 Wipers (KCC41048)
Wypall X70 Wipers Centerpull Roll, White, 275 Wipers (KCC41702)
Wypall X50 Wipers Pop-Up Box, White, 1,760 Wipers (KCC83550)
Oklahoma Waste & Wiping Rag No 1 Colored Cotton Wiping Cloths, 6-9oz (OKW10725)
Oklahoma Waste & Wiping Rag Colored Knit Lightweight Rags (OKW11810)
Bulk Buys Lint-free polishing cloth, 12/Case (KOLE-GM720)
Bulk Buys Super cleaning cloth set, 12/Case (KOLE-GM736)
Bulk Buys Microfiber cloth pad, 24/Case (KOLE-HA061)
Bulk Buys Microfiber cloth pack, 6/Pack (KOLE-HA062)
Bulk Buys Microfiber cleaning cloth, 24/Case (KOLE-HA063)
Bulk Buys Microfiber Dish Cloth, 24/Case (KOLE-HB846)
Bulk Buys Reusable Cleaning Wipes, 12/Case (KOLE-HB857)
Bulk Buys Microfiber Cleaner Counter Top Display, 48/Display (KOLE-HB885)
Bulk Buys set of 5 towels, 6/Pack (KOLE-OC112)
Bulk Buys towel, 24/Case (KOLE-OC113)
Bulk Buys set of 4 microfiber towels, 6/Pack (KOLE-OC114)
Bulk Buys set of 4 microfiber towels print, 4/Pack (KOLE-OC115)
Bulk Buys 8 pack absorbent cloths, 6/Pack (KOLE-OC146)