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Food Service Towels – the leading online provider of Cleaning and Janitorial Supplies, offers a wide variety of Paper Products and Dispensers, and Wipes, including Food Service Towels. Offering a wide array of attributes ideal for a food service environment, our large selection of food service towels and cloths offer a combination of absorption, durability, and cleaning power, that cannot be matched. Designed and formulated to hold up against the any cleaning conditions, our line of high-quality food service towels are the perfect addition to any food service industry or environment. Each and every one of our food service towels are a perfect fit for any food handling arena. Whether it's a residential picnic, an industrial kitchen or commercial restaurant, our quality food service towels will delver, each and every time. We have just what you need, and at a price you can afford, our food service towels are made with material that is not only exceptionally absorbent, but a easy to use cleaning instrument as well. Each and every one of our food service towel products offer a simple, easy and streamlined wiping, which leads to a quicker drying and cleaning process. Our diverse selection of name-brand food service cloths come in a variety of sizes, styles, and specifications. Always priced at low, wholesale prices, our food service towels, cloth products and accessories are an addition no food service industry can do without. Purchase any one of our brand name food service towels, from

Our food service towels are specifically formulated to clean and sanitize any environment where food is being served, making it the easiest way to eliminate any unwanted food materials. In addition to it's quality cleaning applications, our food service towels tools have the ability to simply and effortlessly wipe any area, making them a perfect addition to any food industry or environment. Offering a wide array of attributes, our large selection of cleaning towels and food service towels offer a combination of easy to use application, durability, and absorption, that cannot be matched. Each any every one of our food service towel products fits perfectly into any commercial, residential, or industrial food preparation or presentation situation. All of our food service towels are built to last throughout a cleaning, by offering a simplistic and powerful degree of durability and longevity that other product materials cannot match. Call or click today to receive our everyday, low wholesale prices. Each and every one of our food service cloth products offer a quick, easy and streamlined wiping, drying and cleaning process. Available for purchase 24 hours a day, 7 days a week through out online janitorial and cleaning supplies superstore. Upgrade your food service supplies today by purchasing any one of our wide assortment of high-quality, food service towels, from

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Chix Blue Food Service Towels, With Microban, 13" x 24" - 150 towels (CHI 8251)
Chix Wet Wipes, Food Service Towels - 11.5" x 24", 200 towels/case (CHI 8311)
Chicopee Chix Wipes, Pink, 200 Wipes (CHI 8507)
Chix Food Service Towels with Microban, 13"x 21", Wht/Red, 150 towels (CHI 8252)
Chix White and Red Food Service Towels, 150 Towels (CHI 8242)
Chix Food Service Towels w/ Microban, 13" x 24" Wht/Red - 150 towels (CHI 8250)
Hospeco Counter Cloth Bar Mops, 60 Towels (HOS 536-60-5DZBX)
Kimtech Prep Wipers for Bleach, Disinfectants & Sanitizers, 6 rolls (KCC 06411)
Quix Plus Food Service Towels - 72 towels per case (CHI 8294)
Nice Pak Sani-Wipe Surface Sanitizing Wipes, 6 Canisters (NIC Q94384)
Toughworks Scrim Wipers in Roll, Food Service Towels - 6/Case (HOS C2375B)
Wypall L10 Sani-Prep Dairy Towels in Pop-Up Box - 1,980 towels (KCC 01772)
Wypall L10 Sani-Prep Singlefold Dairy Towels - 2,400 towels (KCC 01770)
Wypall X50 Food Service Towels, 200 Towels (KCC 06053)
Wypall X80 Foodservice Towels - 150 towels per case (KCC 06280)
Pizza Towel - 13 x 21, Rust (SHR-FST3000-R)
Sani-Professional Brand TableTurners, 12 Packs (NIC A580FW)
Libman Terry Towel Wipes, 72 Towels (LIB-00590)
Sanitizer Foodservice Microfiber Cloth, Red Stripe, 288 Cloths  (RCP 1805727)
Sanitizer Foodservice Microfiber Cloth, Blue Stripe, 288 Cloths (RCP 1805728)
Sanitizer Foodservice Microfiber Cloth, Yellow Stripe, 288 Cloths  (RCP 1805729)
Sanitizer Foodservice Microfiber Cloth, Green Stripe, 288 Cloths  (RCP 1805730)
Wypall X80 Foodservice Towel, 12.5 x 23.5, 150 Towels (KCC06280)
Chix Reusable Food Service Towels, 150 Towels (CHI8250)
Hospeco Counter Cloth Bar Towels, Assorted Colors, 5 Bags (HOS536605DZBX)
Wypall L10 Sani-Prep Dairy Towels, 1980 Towels (KCC01772)
Wypall Quarterfold Foodservice Towels, 12-1/2 x 23-1/2, 300 Towels (KCC05927)
Wypall X50 Food Service Wipers, 200 Wipers (KCC06053)
Chix Food Service Towels, 13" x 21", 150 Towels (CHI8252)
Chix Wet Wipes Food Service Towels, White/Pink, 200 Towels (CHI8311)
Chix Wet Wipes, 13-1/2 x 24, White/Pink, 200 Wipes (CHI8507)
ITW Dymon Atlantic Mill Quatguard XL Microfiber Wipers, White (DYM 9525)
Super Rag Complete Spunlace Towels, 9"x17", White, 160/Box, 8 Boxes (MDI-93115)