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Just think of all of the storage uses you can get from tote boxes! In your home, in the garage, at the office, in warehouses, schools, libraries, churches, everyone everywhere can benefit from a little more storage capacity. Rugged and durable, our Rubbermaid Tote Boxes, Roughneck and Palletote Storage Boxes from are all sold at wholesale prices so that you can easily afford to buy multiple at once to help tame your overfilled storage area, closet, basement, garage, barn, and warehouse with ease. Are you underutilizing the storage space in your home or workplace since everything does not yet have its own resting place? Our tote boxes will give your items a home and you can vertically stack these boxes to use up less floor square footage and more wall space. Our Rubbermaid Tote Boxes are of sturdy construction with convenient built-in handles are simple to pick up, stack, or move around without bowing or shattering. The Roughneck and Palletote Storage Boxes are also ultra-durable, stackable, nestable, and even able to safely handle the storage of food. Ideal for restaurants, cafeterias, food trucks, food distribution centers, and caterers. Trust for all of your tote box needs and discover the storage potential in your home and work environment.

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Rubbermaid 1730 Lid For 19.45 Gallon Palletote Box, Gray (RCP 1730 GRA)
Rubbermaid 1732 Palletote Box, Gray (RCP 1732 GRA)
Rubbermaid Roughneck Storage Boxes, 10 Gallon, Steel Gray (RHP 2214TP STE)
Rubbermaid 2212CP Roughneck Storage Boxes, 14 Gallon, Steel (RHP 2212CP STE)