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In order to safely and compactly store belongings, you need the right container to do so. Our storage boxes at are rugged, sturdy, shatter resistant, watertight, and stackable to save on space. Every profession, every homeowner, every school, restaurant, warehouse, office, library, church, hospital can use storage boxes for any number of items such as papers, files, books, supplies, goods, tools, miscellaneous decorations, and even food! Our Rubbermaid Palletote has been approved for use in dairy, meat and poultry plants. Rubbermaid Roughneck storage boxes keep contents dust-free and come in 10 or 14 gallon sizes to easily accommodate your requirements. Need to see what’s in the box before pulling it off the shelf? The Rubbermaid Clever Store Snap-Lid Container is constructed of clear polypropylene so you can easily view its contents, making labeling each box one less dreaded chore. Perhaps the storage container you are searching for is for ridding trash. Our Rubbermaid Brute garbage can’s square shape allows 14% more capacity than round cans and is ideal for residential as well as commercial environments. Rubbermaid Roughneck, Palletote and Brute Storage Boxes are all available for immediate delivery and at’s usual wholesale prices.

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40 Gallon Rubbermaid Brute Square Trash Can Container, Gray (RCP 3536 GRA)
Rubbermaid Brute 40 Gallon Square Container Lid, Gray (RCP 3539 GRA)
Rubbermaid 1730 Lid For 19.45 Gallon Palletote Box, Gray (RCP 1730 GRA)
Rubbermaid 1732 Palletote Box, Gray (RCP 1732 GRA)
Rubbermaid Roughneck Storage Boxes, 10 Gallon, Steel Gray (RHP 2214TP STE)
Rubbermaid Roughneck Storage Boxes, 14 Gallon, Steel Color (RHP 2212CP STE)
Rubbermaid Clever Store 3.75 Gallon Snap-Lid Container (RHP 3Q24 CLE)
Business Source Storage Boxes, 350 lbs., 12 per Carton, White (BSN26750)
Business Source Storage Boxes, w/Lid, 650 lb, 10"x12"x15" 12/CT, WN (BSN26751)
Business Source Storage Boxes, Ltr, 500 lb, 12"x24"x10", 12/CT, White (BSN26752)
Business Source Storage Boxes, 500 lb, 15"x24"x10", 12 per Carton (BSN26753)
Business Source Storage Box, 700 lb., 12"x24"x10", 12/Carton, White (BSN26756)
Business Source Storage Box, Legal, 700 lbs, 15"x24"x10", 12 count (BSN26757)
Business Source Storage Boxes, 650 lb, 12"x 15"x10", 12/Carton, White (BSN26758)
Business Source Storage Boxes, 400 lb, 12"x15"x10", 12/Carton, White (BSN32450)
Business Source Storage Boxes, Letter, 12"x24"x10", 12/Carton, White (BSN42050)
Storage File Boxes, Legal, 350 lb, 12"x15"x10", 12 per Carton (BSN42051)
Nature Saver Storage Boxes, w/Lid, 350lb, 12"x15"x10",12/CT, Kraft (NAT26759)
Nature Saver Storage Boxes, w/Lid, 650lb, 12"x15"x10", 12/CT, Kraft (NAT26760)
Rubbermaid Action Packer Storage Container Cargo Box, 24 Gallon, Black (RUB11720438)
Rubbermaid Action Packer Storage Container Cargo Box, 48 Gallon, Black (RUB11920138)