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Platform Trucks

A platform truck is an extremely useful tool for around the house, in the garage, the office, mailrooms, in cafeterias, restaurants, for catering businesses, retail stores, supply closets, libraries, construction sites, warehouses, hospitals, schools, banks, anywhere that heavy or numerous loads need to be moved about. has all types of platform trucks, including Continental and Rubbermaid Convertible Platform Trucks at affordable, wholesale prices. Our platform trucks come in all shapes and sizes to accommodate individual requirements such as the spring platform truck bringing contents to a convenient working level or the wagon platform truck with fifth wheel steering capabilities, or how about the versatile design of the side-panel platform truck that can effortlessly move small packages and materials yet still be easily configured to a carry oversized loads by removing its side panels. Whatever items or loads that must to be moved, in any work or residential environment, for platform trucks and every other material handling items you may need.

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Rubbermaid 4300 Convertible Utility Cart, Black and Red (RCP 4300 BLA)
Rubbermaid Home and Office Cart, Utility Duty, Black (RCP 4400 BLA)
Rubbermaid Home and Office Carts, Standard Duty, Black (RCP 4401 BLA)
Rubbermaid 14 Cubic Feet Spring Platform Truck, Black (RCP 4611 BLA)
Rubbermaid 5th Wheel Wagon Platform Truck, Black (RCP 4477 BLA)
Rubbermaid 5th Wheel Wagon Platform Truck, Black (RCP 4478 BLA)
Rubbermaid A-Frame Panel Platform Truck (RCP 4463 BLA)
Rubbermaid Convertible A-Frame Truck, Black/Red (RCP 4465 BLA)
Rubbermaid 24 x 52 Convertible Platform Truck, Black/Red (RCP 4496 BLA)
Rubbermaid Heavy-Duty 500lb Capacity Platform Truck (RCP 4403 BLA)
Rubbermaid Semi-Live Skid, 2000-lb. Capacity, Black (RCP 4494 BLA)
Semi-Live Skid Jack Handle (RCP 4492 RED)
Rubbermaid Side Panel Platform Truck (RCP 4485 BLA)
Rubbermaid Side Panel Platform Truck (RCP 4486 BLA)
Rubbermaid Stanchion Truck (RCP 4482 BLA)
Rubbermaid Work Height Platform Truck, Each (RCP 4473 BLA)
Rubbermaid Heavy-Duty Platform Truck, 1200-lb. Capacity (RCP 4436-10 BLA)
Rubbermaid Heavy-Duty Platform Truck, 2000-lb. Capacity (RCP 4441 BLA)
Rubbermaid Heavy-Duty Platform Truck Cart, 1000lb Capacity, 24 x 48 Platform, Black (RCP443600BK)
Rubbermaid 4300 Two Shelf Convertible Utility Cart, Black (RCP430000BK)