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Sanitary Napkin Disposal offers a variety of high quality sanitary napkin receptacles and sanitary napkin disposal products at wholesale prices. Safe disposal of sanitary waste is a priority in all public restrooms and we have what you need for safe and environmentally responsible disposal of sanitary napkins. Our inventory of feminine waste receptacles are designed to keep your environment clean, tidy, and, most importantly, sanitary, for all of your employees and visitors. We carry sanitary napkin receptacles constructed from plastic and stainless steel in both wall mount and floor options. For added protection, our online superstore carries disposal bags to use in conjunction with the receptacles to provide an extra layer of protection and bacteria control.

Designed to fit perfectly into any space, our line of sanitary napkin dispensers come in a variety of sizes, shapes and colors that will complement any environment. For smaller stalls, we offer wall mount options to conserve space, and for roomier areas where space is not an issue, you can choose from our many floor receptacles. With so many receptacles to choose from, you are sure to find the perfect fit for your location as well as your budget. To help keep your restroom as hygienic as possible, we also carry an assortment of waxed paper liners to be used in conjunction with our feminine napkin disposal bins to provide for easy, sanitary clean-up. Dependable sanitary napkin disposal is a must have in any public restroom, so why not choose from our stock of durable feminine waste receptacles offered at the lowest prices around. Whether you are shopping for a school bathroom, office restroom or industrial environment lavatory, we have the janitorial cleaning supplies you need at discount prices that will fit your budget. All of these high quality disposal options are available online for purchase 24 hours a day, 7 days a week so you can shop at your convenience any time of the day or night. Have a question about our products? We have customer service associates available to help you with your purchase. Just call our toll free number or click to chat live online with one of our knowledgeable employees. Shop for your sanitary napkin disposal needs and experience savings that no other supplier can offer.

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Bobrick Contura Sanitary Napkin Disposal Receptacle, Stainless Steel (BOB 270)
Hospeco Plastic Sanitary Napkin Receptacle, White (HOS 250/201W)
Stainless Steel Convertible Floor/Wall Sanitary Napkin Receptacle (HOS ND-1E)
Swing Top Floor Sanitary Napkin Receptacle, White (HOS 2201)
Bobrick Sanitary Napkin Receptacle, Gray (BOB 5270)
Necessities Courtesy Sanitary Napkin Disposal Bags, 500 Bags (HOS NEC-500)
Wall-Mounted Sanitary Napkin Receptacle, White (IMP 1112)
Rubbermaid Wall-Mount Sanitary Napkin Receptacle, White (RCP 6140 WHI)
Kraft Waxed Sanitary Napkin Receptacle Paper Liners, 500 Bags (HOS KL)
Hospeco Waxed Paper Receptacle Liners, 250 Liners (HOS HS-6141)
Floor Receptacle Kraft Wax Paper Liners, 500 Liners (HOS 6802W)
Continental Sanitary Napkin Receptacle, White (SHR-CON250W)
SaniDisposal Wall Mount Sanitary Napkin Receptacle (SHR-RMC25125200)
Rubbermaid 3 Gallon TC Sanitary Napkin Disposal Bin (RCP 750243)
Rubbermaid 3-Gallon TC Sanitary Bin Liners, 375 Bags (RCP 750443)
Stout Tidy Girl Feminine Hygiene Sanitary Disposal Bags, 4 Rolls (STO TGUF)