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Safety first! Whether you are at home, in the office, or in a vehicle, first aid kits and safety signs come in handy when you least expect it. has first aid kits for 25 people or as many as 50 people. Each plastic carry case for 25 people comes conveniently equipped with items used most such as alcohol pads, antibiotic ointment, bandages, first aid cream, instant cold pack, scissors, tape, tweezers, gloves, and a helpful first aid guide, plus a few extras depending on the kit selected. The 50 person first aid kit has all items previously listed plus specialty bandages, a sling, gauze, tape, eye packs and wash, instant cold compress, gloves, and aspirin all neatly organized in a plastic carry case. Just need refills? Our first aid refill kits come with fabric bandages, antiseptic wipes, ice pack, burn cream, gauze, pads, tape, sting relief wipes, fingertip and knuckle bandages. If you happen to work around hazardous fluids, our double eye/face wash station includes two 16-ounce bottles of saline solution easily providing initial flushing for alkali and acid splash accidents. Don’t forget the medicine to help ease the pain. Advil, Aleve, and Bayer are all available in handy single use wrappers. Be prepared. Trust for your first aid products, emergency first aid kits, cases and refill packs all at the lowest discount prices.

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50-Person First Aid Kit (IMP 7850)
Bayer Aspirin, 50 - 2 Pack Tablets per Box (ACE 12408)
PhysiciansCare First Aid Refill Pack (ACE 40001)
PhysiciansCare First Aid 113 Piece Kit For 25 People (ACE 25001)
First Aid Kit 613 Pieces for over 50 People, 1 Kit (ACE 50000)
PhysiciansCare First Aid 131 Piece Kit For 25 People (ACE 60002)
Johnson & Johnson Band-Aid Flexible Fabric Bandages, 100 Bandages (JON 4444)
North First Aid Kit, Waterproof, Plastic, 25 Person (NSP 0197020002L)
PhysiciansCare Extra-Strength Pain Reliever, 50 Two Pill Packets (ACE 90316)
Zantac 150mg Acid Reducer, Single-Dose Packets, 20 Packets (LIL 53026)
Aleve Pain Reliever Tablets Refill Packs, One-Pill Packets, 30 Packets (LIL 51030)
Advil Single-Dose Ibuprofen Tablets Refill Packs, Two-Pill Packets, 30 Packets (LIL 58030)
Lil' Drugstore Single Dose Medicine Dispenser, 110 Pieces, Plastic Case (LIL 71613)
Tylenol Extra Strength Caplets, Two-Pill Packets, 30 Packets (LIL 97477)
Pac-Kit ANSI Weatherproof Plastic First Aid Kit, 7 1/2" x 2 3/4" x 4 1/2", 10 Person Kit (ACE 6060)
PhysiciansCare ANSI/OSHA First Aid Refill Kit, 48-Pieces (ACE 90103)
PhysiciansCare Complete Care First Aid Kit Refill, 271-Pieces (ACE 90136)
PhysiciansCare Essential Refill Kit, 129-Pieces (ACE 90137)